New Knockout City Heroes Trailer Reveals The Superpowers You Can Unleash In Upcoming Event

Knockout City Heroes is scheduled to begin August 24.


A new limited-time event for Knockout City is about to begin. Called Heroes, the event kicks off August 24 and introduces a bunch of superpowered abilities into the dodgebrawl game. A new trailer details what's in store for the event.

Heroes adds a limited-time playlist called Superpowers, in which you'll randomly unlock one of seven superpowers every time you respawn during a match. The available powers are listed below, following the trailer.

All Knockout City Heroes Superpowers

  • Tackle Strike - Tackle your opponents to deal damage
  • Double Jump - Jump again in the air
  • X-Ray Vision - See and target players through walls
  • Charge-Up - Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes
  • Healing Powers - Heal your hearts back over time
  • Strength - Pick up other players by dodging into them
  • Ballform Bounce - While in ball form, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw you

Alongside the new playlist, Heroes will add new contracts as well as event-themed items to the in-game shop.

In GameSpot's Knockout City review, Alessandro Barbosa writes, "Knockout City's greatest strengths lie in its simplicity, but also in the ways it remixes traditional multiplayer elements to create something distinct. Its easy-going nature and straightforward mechanics reduce the time it takes to feel invested in each match, but it's really the subtle complexity underneath that keeps the action engaging and compelling over long play sessions. There's certainly room for improvement with the game's rotating match modes and some of its special ball types, but Knockout City nails the fundamentals to create multiplayer fun that will likely hook you for a long time to come."

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