New King's Quest Gets Release Date, Watch Its New Trailer

The upcoming King's Quest reboot is coming very soon.


The King's Quest reboot's first chapter has received an official release date, and it's coming soon. Publisher Activision announced today that the opening episode of the new King's Quest, titled A Knight to Remember, will launch on July 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, and on July 29 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Activision also explained that the episodes of the game are available separately or as part of a greater collection. King's Quest: The Complete Collection functions effectively as a season pass, giving buyers access to every episode as it becomes available. It also comes with a special, playable epilogue.

The developer of the reboot, The Odd Gentlemen, also published a new trailer for the first episode, which you can watch below.

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We were recently able to check out the new King's Quest at E3 2015, and you can read our impressions here. The game features a star-studded cast, as well, including Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Tom Kenny (Adventure Time).

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Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Disc release?

Avatar image for bluefox755

Very excited. Kings Quest 6 is the game that really got me into PC games.

Avatar image for buckxn

@bluefox755: I loved KQ6. KQ2 is the one that got me into PC games. those gorgeous 16 colors on screen at once!

Avatar image for Jasurim

Looks pretty cool, I love the style, although the lip syncing is a little off?

Either way though, I think I'll wait until all episodes are out before buying it. The waits are always a little too long for me and I find they take away from the experience.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a0b0bf0c8fa5

Really? Why couldn't they have just made this a proper point & click adventure game?

Avatar image for oldtobie

Are you kidding me. Episodic. Activision, can you be any more blatant in your attempts to mimic TellTale?

I wanted a freaking adventure game, dicks.

Avatar image for subsided94

I wonder if the 1 day Xbox gap has anything to do with Sony's relationship with Activision, seems pretty unlikely but it's pretty uncommon for a game to not release on the exact same date

Avatar image for Xicarah

What I really wanna know is what is the gameplay? Fighting? Narrative? Racing? Dancing? What? I've seen "gameplay" but most of that is just random cuts of the "game". It doesn't have to be Diablo or Witcher. I just wanna know how do I PLAY the game.

Avatar image for hystavito

@Xicarah: It's a great sales tactic. Remain vague and hope people buy it either purely based on nostalgia or because they mistakenly think it's a Telltale game :).

Avatar image for Xicarah

@hystavito: I guess so. Either be vague and tell people "it's a wonderful adventure" and let the dream on what it is, but then you risk being a Destiny, on the other hand you tell people what it is and risk losing those people who would've bought it if they kept their mouth shut about the game.

I have looked up some old King's Quest games and they are along the lines of Grim Fandango types of point-and-click adventure games, so it's likely it will be an "evolution" of that kind. But when you show dragons and monsters you instinctively wanna fight so......

Avatar image for tanerb

For a minute I thought this is King's Bounty and get excited :(

Avatar image for streamline

@tanerb: that was the game I was thinking of too

Avatar image for Zironn1

Eh it lost it's soul, from past games.

Avatar image for oldtobie

@Zironn1: I was very pissed when I found out what this was turned into.

Avatar image for atopp399

Darn, Activision is the publisher? Guess I'll pass.

Avatar image for StHapns247

Hope the game has the dialogue in sync with the mouth movement...

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

day one for me. too much nostalgia to ignore.

Avatar image for oldtobie

@Mr_Mark_Legion: This is not King's Quest.

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

@oldtobie: agree. just going on the name. even if it was called a different name, it still looks fun for me.

Avatar image for bickle2

Price would be nice

Avatar image for Zorlac

@bickle2: $40 for the full season on Steam so probably similar on consoles.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

nice, music score is great sounds like the guy who did Jumanji

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

Yay! Now Space Quest.

Avatar image for Vixenar

@lrdfancypants: Real Space Quest reboot would be quite awesome, but until that happens, least we're going to have Space Venture! One of these days. I hope.

Avatar image for mylesblasonato

This is gonna be awesome!

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Really interesting and nice looking game.