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New Killer Instinct Playable Character, Game Mode Revealed

Plus, Microsoft says PC version has not been ruled out.

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Today at PAX East 2015, Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy Studios announced a new character and game mode for Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct.

The new character is Hisako, a 19-year-old girl. She plays slowly and deliberately, the developer explained. A gameplay demo of Hisako and Jago was shown, demonstrating an epic new move that allows her to enter her enemy's body and break their bones.

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It looks brutal. We'll have the full video for you later today when it's published. Hisako will be available in Killer Instinct Season Two at the end of March.

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy also announced "Shadows," a new, asynchronous mode for Killer Instinct that allows a ghost of a player's character to fight against human players when they're not around. Iron Galaxy describes Shadows as a "living representation of you on your best day." It's similar to Forza's Drivatar system.

Your Killer Instinct Shadow character is based on your skill and personality. Get better in the game, and your Shadow will, too; get worse, and your Shadow will also fall off. In terms of personality, if you're a player who enjoys tea-bagging other fighters after a victory, your Shadow will do the same, the developer said today.

"It's actually alive," Iron Galaxy said. "It is you."

Iron Galaxy will share more details about Killer Instinct's Shadows mode in the coming weeks. It will launch this April.

Microsoft also addressed the possibility of Killer Instinct coming to PC. A representative said, "We don't have any plans for it right now," but explained that it could happen one day. Finally, the developer said fans hoping for a Killer Instinct Season 3 should stayed tuned later this year for news on that front.

PAX East runs through Sunday. GameSpot will be reporting live from the show all weekend long.

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