New Killer Instinct Character Kan-Ra is a 2500-year-old Sorcerer

Gameplay footage of the character to be revealed via live stream on November 21.

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A new character to join the roster on free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct has been revealed on the official Killer Instinct forums (via IGN). Kan-Ra is a 2,500-year-old sorcerer who hails from Babylon. He has been cursed by dark magic that causes him to rot, which is the reason why he is covered in bandages.

A live stream showcasing gameplay footage of the character will air on November 21. In addition to the announcement, Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen also clarified the schedule for monthly new character releases. "'Every month' could more accurately be represented as 'every calendar month' instead of every 30 days," Isgreen said.

Killer Instinct shipped on the same day as the Xbox One launch with a character available to play for free. Players could unlock other characters and items by paying a fee. Microsoft's plan is to continually update the game's roster.

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix was acquired by Amazon earlier this year. Microsoft claimed the game would not be affected and said that the franchise, which it owns, would continue on.

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