New Justice League Movie Trailer Unites DC's Most Iconic Heroes

Justice League Unlimited!


Warner Bros. and DC have released a four-minute trailer for Justice League, the upcoming feature film that will bring its most iconic heroes together in one movie. The trailer, which you can watch above, shows a post-Batman V Superman world, where Superman has died.

Naturally, without Superman to serve as a deterrent, a crimewave has erupted. But the Batman also seems to be missing in action. Without a Kryptonian and a Green Lantern, DC supervillain Steppenwolf seizes the opportunity to wipe out Earth.

This new threat brings together Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman, who must unite to take on Steppenwolf and his Apokoliptian army. Although we've seen plenty of Batman and Wonder Woman, the trailer offers a good look at some of the other members of the Justice League that haven't had their own standalone movies yet.

Interestingly, both Aquaman and Flash look to provide the levity DC's movies have recently been criticized for lacking. There's also a tease at the end for another character that joins the fight.

"He said you'd come," Batman's faithful servant Alfred says, "Now let's hope you're not too late." Who could this mysterious figure be? Current speculation is it's Superman, back from the dead. This was alluded to at the end of Batman V Superman and, as the comics have shown us, Superman rarely stays dead.

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