New Jigsaw Movie Clip Shows A Horrific Trap In Action

Jigsaw's new killer wants an offering of blood from his prisoners.

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Now Playing: Jigsaw - “Bucket Heads” Official Clip

It may have taken seven years but the Saw franchise is back. Jigsaw is preparing to rip into theaters just in time for Halloween and if this new clip from the movie is any indication, the insanity has not lost a step.

In this clip, someone is up to Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) old tricks. A group of new players in the Saw universe's twisted game wake up to find themselves with buckets over their heads, chained to a wall filled with circular saw blades. Then, as they struggle to figure out what's happening, a voice speaks.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. You'll deny culpability, no doubt, for the circumstances in which you find yourselves," their mysterious tormentor says. "Salvation can be yours. An offering of blood will set you free. I want to play a game."

That's when the chains start retracting into the wall as the circular saws turn on, pulling these people to what would surely be a grisly end. This is a Saw movie though, meaning this trap is simply the beginning. As the movie's trailer promises, there's several horrible traps ready to put these poor souls in danger.

It's unclear exactly how they'll escape this particular situation, though giving up "an offering of blood" seems like as good a place to start as any. It's interesting to note that of those chained to the wall, one is already on the floor, unconscious. Perhaps his blood is the key to survival.

Jigsaw lands in theaters on October 27.

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