New Iron Man Series Starring Riri Williams Begins

Who is Riri Williams?


Tony Stark is no longer Iron Man. Something happened to the Iron Avenger, except we're not quite sure what that is. The Marvel Universe is in the midst of a second Civil War with Iron Man and Captain Marvel opposing each other. With Stark no longer in the picture, Riri Williams will try to fill his iron shoes in the new Invincible Iron Man series.

There have been some minor delays in the release of the Civil War II miniseries. Because of that, other titles set to occur afterwards have already been released. In these titles, small clues have informed us that something happens to Tony Stark. Doctor Doom will also take it upon himself to become the Infamous Iron Man.

There will be some spoilers from Invincible Iron Man #1 below.

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When we first saw Riri, she was a 15-year-old MIT student. Using whatever machinery she could get her hands on, she reversed-engineered an old Iron Man suit. She tested out her suit and decided to quit school. There wasn't anything left for her to learn there.

In Invincible Iron Man #1, it's revealed she tested as a super genius level when she was five. Her parents were instructed to show her the beauty in life to keep her grounded. She immersed herself in building and inventing anything she could think of.

When she was 10, she finally formed a friendship with another girl in the neighborhood. The two grew close over the next few years until tragedy struck when Riri was 13. During a big picnic in a park in Chicago, a drive-by shooting erupted. her stepdad rushed over to shield the two girls. Unfortunately, both he and Riri's friend were hit by stray bullets. Riri had to deal with the death of the two with one big burning question on her mind: "Why?"

Despite her intellect and ability to build an armored suit, she need an A.I. in order to properly control all its abilities. She lacked the equipment and money to create one. To her surprise, she received a mysterious package containing a button with the words, "Push Me!" on it.

The package was from Tony Stark. He downloaded himself into a digital form in case his "body was ever not working anymore."

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Despite the title of the series containing "Iron Man," Riri will eventually call herself Ironheart. As for what happened to Tony Stark, Marvel has yet to reveal the detail of his fate.

Invincible Iron Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli is now on sale.

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