New <i>Red vs. Blue</i> vid on XBL

Wisecrackin' Spartans at it again on Xbox Live; download of <i>Out of Mind Part One</i> free.


Halo 2

The Buggles is to music video what Red vs. Blue is to machinima. The sketch comedy using Halo as its medium vaulted its creator, Rooster Teeth Productions, to Internet fame and earned it a spot to provide one of the first pieces of content on Xbox Live Marketplace, the online service for the Xbox 360. Today sees the troupe's second Xbox Live Marketplace video, Out of Mind Part One, available for free download. The 165MB video is the first installment in an exclusive miniseries, according to its description on Xbox Live. The Red vs. Blue series details two teams of Halo characters trying to take each other out in an epic battle of capture the flag with comical results. For more information, head over to the Red vs. Blue Web site.

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