New iPhone Patent Blocks Recording Video at Concerts

You could be cut off from using your phone to film concerts.


In a development that sounds like a precursor to Watch Dogs 2, Apple was rewarded a US patent for a system that allows the disabling of an iPhone's video recording function at concerts (via GameSpot sister site CNET).

The newly-patented system utilizes infrared signals from a device that sends them to phones. These signals then tell your phone to turn off video recording. You can see Apple's patent drawing below for a visual example.

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CNET notes artists like Adele, who have spoken out against filming their shows. Some claim that it ruins the live experience for others around the person recording video. I say it hurts to watch those low quality Facebook videos, where the sound is so distorted you're not even sure what song they're playing.

This doesn't mean the disabling technology will see the light of day. Patents often go unused, and Apple has not announced any plans to implement the technology. Of course, it's still early days for the patent. Apple did not respond to CNET's request for comment.

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