New ILM Tech In Boba Fett "Billboard" In Times Square Is Next-Level Optical Illusion

The VFX company, as always, went above and beyond in pulling off a new kind of visual effect.


Industrial Light & Magic, the VFX company founded by George Lucas back in 1975, has unveiled some pretty impressive new tech in a Times Square "billboard" that features Boba Fett looming large over Midtown Manhattan--and it looks like he's really there. It most likely has to be seen IRL to be fully appreciated, but in the clip shared via the official Boba Fett Twitter account, it's still pretty cool.

In an additional video LG Display has on its YouTube channel explaining how the "billboard" was made, which is wrapped around a building's corner and is technically flat--but still tricks the eye into believing you're seeing a fully realized 3D space from a lower vantage point. As Eric Leven, the VFX supervisor for ILM puts it, "When you look at it, you just feel Boba Fett coming off the screen." Check it out below.

Outside of advertising, there's lots of activity taking place all over the Star Wars franchise. Most recently, an animated anthology titled Tales of the Jedi was just announced. According to a panel description from the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event, all we know is that it's coming. It could be a direct successor to Star Wars: Visions, or it could be something more traditional that's meant to be canonical to the modern Star Wars universe in the same way that novels like Aftermath and Resistance Reborn are.

The next big entry in the franchise will be Obi-Wan Kenobi, which premieres on May 25 on Disney+. In a recent interview, actors Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor discussed getting into fighting franchise shape for the show and portraying their historic roles by watching pretty much every official release, ever.

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