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New If Found Patch Update Tweaks Script, Adds Bug Fixes

If you were having trouble unlocking certain achievements in If Found, you should be able to do so now.


Developer Dreamfeel has released a new patch for If Found. The update is currently only out for Windows--it will be released for MacOS in "the next few days," according to a Steam blog post.

"This [update] fixes a number of issues, polishes the graphics in a couple of sections, updates the localisation, and tweaks some parts of the script, particularly around Mac & Cassiopeia," Dreamfeel writes in the blog post.

The most notable issue addressed has to do with If Found's Steam achievements, as some of them (like "Trans Rights!") have been glitched since the game launched, preventing players from unlocking them. The update also addresses a problem that was causing players to become stuck if they exited the game from the Bog Road Heist or Anomaly chapter and then tried to resume playing. The full patch notes are outlined below.

If Found Post-Launch Update Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes
    • Achievements not unlocking. You can now unlock the Trans Rights! achievement.
    • On a small number of machines with integrated graphics, alt-tabbing caused the game to freeze when you return.
    • In Korean, Japanese, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional, there were some graphical glitches with the text.
    • Improved localisation for many languages.
    • There are a few spots where you could get stuck if you quit the game and try to resume (one in Bog Road Heist and one in the Anomaly chapter).
    • Some minor script adjustments.
    • Some visual polish in places.
    • Widescreen view no longer has a cursor in the corner.
    • Widescreen annotations fixed.
    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

In GameSpot's If Found review, Michael Higham gave the game a 9/10, writing, "A little empathy goes a long way. Especially when it comes to those we seek unconditional love and support from, it can mean the difference between spiralling into a black hole of depression and having the comfort to simply exist free of judgment. It's one of the many themes If Found so vividly represents in sketchbook-style visual novel form. Through expressive minimalist illustrations, ethereal sound design, sharp writing, and thematic coherence, the chaos and serenity of young adulthood jumps out of its pages for a story that's heartbreaking, heartwarming, and wholly affecting."

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