New id game coming to PC, 360, and PS3

Id's Todd Hollenshead says unnamed internal project will be released on three platforms; 360 to be new Wolfenstein's "primary platform."


Long considered one of the last bastions of hardcore PC gaming, id Software appears to have jumped on the next-gen console wagon with both feet. In an interview with Worthplaying, id CEO Todd Hollenshead said that the developer's next in-house project is being prepped for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, as well as the PC.

"We're looking at PS3, 360, and PC for our internal project," he told the site, "but it's too early to guess on whether we'll have all of those ready to go at the same time. It would be nice if it works out where the launch is simultaneous, but I don't know if that's feasible."

No release window for the unnamed game, which remains top secret, has been announced. However, Hollenshead said that it "is the main focus of the development team at id...I'm not sure when we'll begin discussing details of the new IP, but it will be the next game developed entirely by id, and it WILL be cool." (Emphasis in the original.)

As for other games based on id properties, Hollenshead told Worthplaying that the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein game is being designed with the Xbox 360 foremost in mind. "The next Wolf[enstein] game is using the 360 as its primary development platform but will be released on the PC as well." Revealed at last year's X05 event, the game is currently in development at Raven Software, which developed Quake 4 for the Xbox 360 and the PC under id's supervision.

Hollenshead also said that id was pleased with the critically-drubbed film version of its best-selling Doom series. He also chimed in on what he thought the next id-inspired big-screen offering should be. "The next movie deal that I want to focus on is Wolfenstein," he said. "I think it could make a great film. It's been optioned previously, but now we have the rights back again. I'm hoping that once the game development gets some exposure that interest in Hollywood will perk up."

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