New Humble Bundle Offers PS4/PS3 Games for the First Time

More than 10 Capcom games are available for a total of $15.


A new Humble Bundle is now available from Capcom, and for this time ever, it offers a selection of PS3 and PS4 games.

Among the game included are Resident Evil HD, Resident Evil 0 HD, the Devil May Cry HD Collection, and Okami HD. Some games are available for only PS3 or PS4, while others present you with a choice of platforms. There are also a pair of coupons that provide discounts on PSN purchases; you can get 45 percent off Street Fighter V or 50 percent off the excellent Mega Man Legacy Collection.

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As always, the games are divided up into tiers. The bottom level gets you a few games for as little as $1, while the next tier requires you to beat the average sale price ($10.27 as of this writing). Paying $15 or more gets you everything included.

Here's the full lineup:

Pay $1 or more:

Beat the average:

Pay $15 or more:

In standard Humble Bundle fashion, you can direct a portion of your money to charity. Whichever tier you buy into, you'll also receive a 10 percent coupon for a new Humble Monthly subscription.

If you're interested in even a few games, this is a solid bundle--the Resident Evil remasters alone were selling for $14 each ($12 with Plus) on PSN during a recent sale. It's also the first time and PlayStation games have been offered through a Humble Bundle--they're typically PC (or sometimes mobile)-only affairs, though we've seen a pair of Wii U/3DS bundles the last two years.

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**** Uk can't get it only available in these regions

Keys for the Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle will redeem on a PSN account from any of the following regions:

(US) United States

(CA) Canada

(MX) Mexico

(BR) Brazil

(CL) Chile

(AR) Argentina

(PE) Peru

(CO) Colombia

(PA) Panama

(CR) Costa Rica

(EC) Ecuador

(GT) Guatemala

(SV) El Salvador

(PY) Paraguay

(HN) Honduras

(BO) Bolivia

(UY) Uruguay

(NI) Nicaragua

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@Dav_id83: im in Australia and dont really understand the bundle. If you pay $1 you get everything in that tier or do you choose from the tier like 2-3 games. I have a US account for anything free that isnt in AU store which right now are a couple of themes and one F2P game. And turns out now australian store has themes that the US dont.

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@Spiritbomb2012: You get everything in the tier you pay for.

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@Dav_id83: Because the UK is exiled/exited. xD

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@Dav_id83: sorry to hear it. that sucks... you probably could create a new international account, though, and download them that way. maybe.

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hell of a deal! all i need is resi/0 hd from the lot, though. hope to see more playstation bundles in the future.

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Nice bundle.

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Hey Chris, did it ever occur to you to... you know... link to the humble bundle itself?

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@suicidesn0wman: Thanks a lot for the link. I was looking all over the article for it and it was frustrating not being able to find it. How does a journalist not link to the subject of their article???

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@CallMeDuraSouka: Guess in the future we're just going to have to write the article ourselves... :P

Edit: I also did this wonderful thing called 'editing' just now, maybe we can teach them how this trick works. Blow their minds man!

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@CallMeDuraSouka: The sad part is he still hasn't fixed the error 7 hours later.

I swear, every post I ever make has been edited 3 or 4 times, and any mistakes that are pointed out get corrected w/in an hour. Even if the post isn't mine! lol

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@suicidesn0wman: Now that would make to much sense.