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New Humble Bundle Features 8 Relaxing Games For $13

Escape the summer heat with this collection of chill games.


Fall and winter are often considered the "cozy" seasons, but Humble's new Whimsy and Wonder bundle is here to bring some comfy summer gaming. The bundle comes in three pricing tiers, and each one offers a selection of cozy PC games and even a few coupon codes.

The base $4 bundle includes the acclaimed indie adventure A Short Hike and the chill puzzle game Assemble with Care, which tasks you with repairing retro hardware like turntables, portable gaming systems, and more. You also get two discount coupons, one for 65% off Haven Park and the other for 35% off Hello Goodboy.

If you pay at least $8, you get three more games, including the cute action-adventure Garden Story, the open-world exploration game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and Lemon Cake, a life sim where you manage a farm and a bakery and make delicious pastries for your customers.

Pay $13 to get the entire 10-item bundle, including all previous games and coupon codes, plus Cat Cafe Manager, Witchy Life Story, and Here Comes Niko. The full bundle totals a $135 value for just $13--though you can always increase your pledge if you want to spread the cheerful, cozy vibes and give more to charity. The Wimsy and Wonder bundle benefits the Legal Defense Fund (LDF) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), both of which work to preserve the freedoms and rights of all US citizens.

The Whimsy and Wonder bundle will be available at Humble through August 9. All game keys in the bundle redeem via Steam, while the coupon codes are usable through Humble's online store.

You should also check out July's Humble Choice bundle before it's gone. For only $12, you can get eight games to keep forever, including Temtem and The Outer Worlds.

Humble Whimsy and Wonder Bundle

Pay $4

Pay $8

Pay $13

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