New Horror Game Looks Like Spiritual Successor to P.T.

This new game on Steam Greenlight draws inspiration from the ill-fated Silent Hills teaser.


P.T., the teaser/demo for the canceled Silent Hills, was taken off of PlayStation Network in April, but a small group of designers and fans are trying to make what looks to be a spiritual successor to the ill-fated game.

Called Allison Road, the game tasks players with exploring a house and uncovering the secrets of supernatural events happening within. The main character wakes up with no idea what happened in the house and must figure out the mystery while being stalked by a creature.

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The catch is, you only have five nights to try to solve the puzzle. If the clock hits 3 AM on the last day, you will fail the game.

In the prototype gameplay video that developer Lilith posted, the game clearly echoes P.T. The character moves through narrow corridors in a house, the "enemy" is a girl-like figure that follows you through the hallways, and there's even a PlayStation controller in one of the rooms and a phrase from P.T. written on a picture frame. You can find the sentence, "Dad is such a drag," in Alison Road, which was said in P.T.

The game was Greenlit on Steam within two days of going live, and the studio will soon launch a Kickstarter. It's being made for PC and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and is planned for later in 2016. You can check out the 13-minute prototype video below.

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