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New Homeworld 2 details

Relic shows off the latest build of its highly anticipated real-time strategy game.


Homeworld 2 was one of several games on display at the recent Vivendi Universal pre-E3 event. Much of what was mentioned about the game has been revealed already, but members of the development team did expand on a few of the new ideas that have been incorporated into the game. For example, the dust clouds in the game can be used to mask your ships from enemy sensors. Of course, when your ships start firing, you'll not only risk detection, but you'll also charge the clouds with electrical energy, which will create a spectacular electrical storm that can destroy small fighters. In addition, since the enhancements to the graphics engine include dynamic-texture lighting and a variety of other lighting tricks, smaller fighters can hide in the shadows of the larger ships. Representatives from Relic also mentioned that motherships are now capable of building stationary gun emplacements to guard certain parts of the map while your fleet focuses its attention elsewhere.

Homeworld 2 will feature 15 single-player missions, as well various multiplayer options, including the ability to play as all the races in the game. We'll have much more on Homeworld 2 before its Q3 2003 release.

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