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New Hitman Trailer Shows Complete Experience for Disc Release

Learn how to Hitman.


Square Enix has released a new trailer for Season 1 of Hitman, which will be available to purchase on disc from January 31. The video walks the viewer through the overall Hitman gameplay experience, from the awkward first attempt at an assassination to the meticulously planned hit.

It also showcases some of the locations players will travel to as Agent 47 and the unusual ways that targets can be taken out, including dropping lighting fixtures and throwing exploding rubber ducks. Check it out above.

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The physical release of Hitman follows 10 months of episodic content delivered digitally throughout 2016. All of the locations and missions released as part of this season will be included on the disc. It will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

"The disc combines everything we have learned, refined, and updated over the course of a 10 month live season. It’s the direct result of live input, development, and feedback from our players," Hannes Seifert, studio head at Hitman developer IO Interactive, previously said.

IO Interactive has said it is planning for Hitman to have three seasons in total. Lead writer Michael Vogt told GameSpot that the story is "just getting started" when the first season ends.

"We wanted to do a really ambitious storyline that would span several seasons and also build this ensemble cast," he explained. "In the old games, the targets were always the most interesting characters, but then you'd just kill them off instantly and move on to the next one. And now we wanted to build a much bigger main cast that will survive for much longer.

"The story's really only beginning [with the first season]," he continued. "Season 1 is the first act in a feature film. You know all the characters, you know the stakes, you know the dilemma, but it's only getting started."

Hitman was one of GameSpot's favourite games of 2016 and made it to No. 12 on our overall Game of the Year list. If you need some more convincing on whether to play Hitman, you should check out Giant Bomb's incredible Christmas Let's Play of Hitman.

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