New Hitman Trailer Heads to Japan for Season Finale, November Release Schedule Detailed

Agent 47 sneaks into an exclusive hospital to do what he does best.


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Square Enix has released a trailer for season finale of Hitman. This mission takes place in Hokkaido, Japan, where Agent 47 will infiltrate "a hyper-exclusive hospital and must eliminate two targets." As previously detailed, the mission is called "Situs Inversus" and is described as "the culmination of everything players will have learnt in terms of both gameplay and story," according to Square Enix.

"The Hokkaido location is set within the grounds of the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort. This secluded facility is a fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant, and traditional Japanese hot spring."

Episode 6 will be available at 7 AM PT/2 PM GMT. Here's an overview of what it includes, courtesy of Square Enix.

Episode 6: Hokkaido Overview

  • New Destination: Hokkaido, Japan.
  • New Story mission: Situs Inversus
  • 7 new Guided Opportunities for "Situs Inversus"
  • 20 levels of Hokkaido Mastery, with the following unlocks:
    • 9 new Hokkaido 'Starting Locations'
    • 7 new Hokkaido 'Agency Pickup Locations'
    • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Hokkaido: VIP Patient
  • 70+ Hokkaido-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements
  • New 'The Sarajevo Six' Contract. Target 6: The Controller. (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)
  • Note: Agent 47 starts in Hokkaido with a limited loadout. Upon reaching Mastery level 20, the full loadout will be available.
  • Live Content for Hokkaido will include: New Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode)

Hokkaido Release Notes

  • Target Images on Loading Screen: The images of targets are now shown on the loading screens. These are not shown for Escalation Contracts and other objectives are not displayed.
  • Checkmarks added to Target Kill Conditions: When viewing the objectives for a contract, targets will now have a checkmark next to the optional kill conditions for weapon and disguise to indicate if they have been achieved, or not.
  • Debriefing Screen shows Objectives Information: The scoring screen now displays a count of how many objectives have been completed. Example: "All objectives completed (8/9)"
  • Improvements to Gear and Weapon Lists: Gear and weapons are now listed in categories, rather than tabs. This should make it easier to find specific items. This can be seen when viewing the Loadout, Career and Agency pickup pages.
  • Mini Map 'North' Indicator: Added a new option that allows players to toggle a 'North Indicator' on the mini-map.
  • The HUD now displays a detailed 'Visibly Armed' status: The game now shows which item or weapon is considered to be 'illegal'.
  • Kill Types in Inventory: The in-game inventory now displays the kill condition of each item. For example, a screwdriver will show 'Lethal Melee' and 'Lethal Throw'. This is useful for identifying which item can be used for specific kill condition requirements.
  • Contracts Mode - Tagging Targets: When creating a Contract, it is now possible to unmark a target from the Notebook page. This is to allow players to unmark a target that may have been bodybagged or otherwise unable to be unmarked using the in-game camera view.
  • Contracts - My History: Players can now see all the contracts that they have played, sorted by most recently played, in a new 'My History' menu.
  • 'Contracts' Page Adjustments: The Contracts Tab has been adjusted to only show options for Contracts Mode. As such, Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and Sarajevo 6 (PS4 only) have been moved to the respective page in the 'Destinations' Tab. Elusive Targets can also be viewed as a group via the 'Career' tab.
  • Featured Hub Adjustments: The Featured Hub will now display the most recently played Story Mission, rather than the most recently released Story Mission.
  • General Menu/UI Improvements: Added general improvements to displaying content in the menus, across the game.
  • Improved performance with Suspend / Standby modes on consoles: Reconnecting to the game's servers after the console has previously been in a suspend or standby state for an extended time will be more consistent.
  • General fixes related to initial server sign-in: Fixed an issue that was frequently causing players to 'timeout' when attempting to connect to the game servers. Typically, this was affecting players that frequently restarted sessions in quick succession.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that could cause opportunity steps to remain on screen when switching between opportunities.
  • Fixed an issue where General Zaydan would sometimes not react to Strandberg's dead body. [Marrakesh, A Gilded Cage]
  • Fixed a naming inconsistency in the Lydon Gyration Escalation Contract.
  • Fixed an issue where 47 could get stuck in the environment after loosing the valve on specific gas tanks. [Freedom Fighters, Colorado]
  • Fixed an issue where 'subdue' and 'inject poison' prompts could overlap.
  • Fixed issues that could occur after loading a save during the combat state.
  • Some sounds were still audible when all sounds were muted in the menu. Now they are not.
  • Fixed various issues on multiple locations that could cause NPCs to 'teleport' when performing specific actions.
  • Made adjustments to opportunities in Paris, so that the reveal and actions of NPCs are more consistent with expected behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Down the Rabbit Hole' opportunity in Marrakesh that would prevent it from being completed.

Square Enix has also detailed its release schedule for November:

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Although this episode marks the end of season one, developer IO Interactive previously said that its plan for Hitman on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is to have three seasons in total. Speaking to GameSpot, lead writer Michael Vogt said that the story is "just getting started" when the first season ends.

"The story's really only beginning [with the first season]," he explained. "Season 1 is the first act in a feature film. You know all the characters, you know the stakes, you know the dilemma, but it's only getting started."

The complete first season of Hitman will be released on disc in January. It will cost $60 and includes every update and piece of content that's been added to the game in Season 1, in addition to some special bonuses. You can check out all that's included in Hitman: The Complete First Season here.

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