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New Hitman Revealed at E3 2015, Comes with PS4-Exclusive Content

PlayStation 4 owners to get exclusive beta access as well as six Contracts missions.


Sony revealed the all-new Hitman game during its E3 2015 press conference on Monday.

The world-reveal video did not feature gameplay, with publisher Square Enix opting instead to portray the game's themes via a cinematic trailer. Agent 47 returns to star, along with Diana Burnwood, who faked her death in the last game, Hitman Absolution.

Found below is the game's first trailer.

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Sony confirmed that it has secured a partnership with Square Enix, offering a console-exclusive beta on PlayStation 4, as well as six exclusive new contracts.

Hitman developer IO Interactive had previously confirmed that the latest instalment in the series is due for a full reveal later in the year.

Though the new Hitman game was first mentioned in January 2014, little has been said of it since. Developer IO Interactive previously confirmed that the game will depict "a globetrotting Agent 47 at the prime of his career", and confirmed it will ship on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

According to comments made by IO Interactive last year, the new Hitman game will retain the "core" of the series, insofar as players can use a "wide range" of tools to take out a diverse group of targets on a global scale.

The game will run on a form of the Glacier 2 engine, which powered 2012's Absolution.

"We're packing in an extreme level of detail on the largest levels we have ever built for a Hitman game," IO Interactive stated at the time.

"We've adopted an open, non-linear level design approach to the game, ensuring the game will play out across huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels. Our aim is to create living, breathing, and believable levels which will allow gamers to play around with the AI to create those unique moments every fan of the Hitman franchise loves."

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