New Hegemonia screens

These new images show off the detailed graphics in Digital Reality's real-time strategy game set in deep space.


Hegemonia: Legions of Iron

Digital Reality has released more than 20 new screenshots of its upcoming space RTS, which DreamCatcher will publish in the US this fall. Digital Reality previously developed Imperium Galactica I and II, two large-scale space strategy games with a heavy story emphasis. Hegemonia is set in a time when the people of Earth and Mars are threatened by an invading alien force. The real-time strategy game features three different races and a variety of different types of spaceships. Players will have to manage their fleet of ships, terraform and colonize planets, manage their resources, and research or steal new technology. The game will include two different single-player campaigns, as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

For more information, look at the screenshots above and check out our previous coverage of the game.

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