New Halo Infinite Mythbusters Video Reveals Whether Or Not A Grav Hammer Can Stop A Rocket

The video also reveals how to survive a Skewer shot, if two grenades can stick together in mid-air, and if Vault doors are deadly.


The popular YouTube channel DefendTheHouse has published its first Halo Infinite Mythbusters video in which it tests out a number of wacky ideas and determines if they are true or not.

Can you redirect rockets with the Gravity Hammer or Repulsor? Can swapping a weapon save you from being killed from a Skewer shot? Can two grenades stick together in mid-air? Can you catch a fusion core thrown by someone else? Are Vault doors deadly? These myths and more are discussed and tested out in the video, which you can see below. It's only Part 1, so expect more to come.

Halo Infinite players are making all manner of wacky and incredible discoveries about the multiplayer since it launched on Monday during the 20th anniversary of Xbox celebrations. The Halo series is known for its "sandbox" multiplayer where seemingly anything can happen, and that's part of the appeal.

The game's first battle pass is also now available, and you can read GameSpot's Halo Infinite battle pass guide to learn more about how it works. For more, check out GameSpot's Halo Infinite weapons guide that details the best guns and how they work.

In other news, developer 343 Industries has pledged to make changes to the progression system this week in response to a wave of negative feedback.

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