New Halo Infinite Details Coming This Week, As Microsoft Promises Monthly Updates

Microsoft will reveal more about the next-gen Halo's sandbox elements this week.


Halo Infinite was supposed to release in November 2020 as a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S before it was delayed an entire year due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are understandably eager to learn more about the game and how its development is progressing. Thankfully, then, developer 343 Industries is now committing itself to providing at least a high-level update on the next-gen Halo title every month until it is released.

Posting on Reddit, community manager Brian Jarrard said fans have no need to worry about Halo Infinite just because 343 hasn't said much about the game recently. Responding to a fan who said they were worried because 343 hadn't shared any new info yet this year, Jarrard pointed out that Microsoft had gone more than a year with radio silence before, and the last update came relatively recently, on December 8, when the company released screenshots and announced a Fall 2021 release window.

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Jarrard also mentioned that the beginning of any new year can be slow due to developers taking time off for the holidays. "Keep in mind that many of us around the studio were out of office for 2 or more weeks to end the year and then it takes time to get back into the swing of things, etc.," he said.

Looking ahead, Jarrard said 343 will deliver high-level updates or better every week regarding the development of Halo Infinite. And in fact, the next "Inside Infinite" blog post is coming this week, featuring developers on the sandbox team talking about their processes and sharing new insight. This won't be too significant of a reveal, Jarrard said, but the wider goal is to be more transparent.

"We're committed to at least monthly high level updates and the next 'Inside Infinite' is coming out this week! This month we're talking with members of the sandbox team to share some insights into their vision for Halo Infinite and the work they're doing," Jarrard said. "To manage expectations, this won't have world premier big screenshots or huge things like a date announce, but our goal is to offer our community more context and insights into our team and the game we're making."

Jarrard said the larger reveals for Halo Infinite will happen later in the year, when the "full marketing machine" kicks into gear.

In other Halo Infinite news, it was recently reported that 343 is currently mapping out its beta testing program for the game, with the full details to be announced later.

When Halo Infinite is finally released, it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the game at no extra charge. The multiplayer element is free-to-play, and it will not require Xbox Live Gold due to Microsoft's recent policy changes.

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