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New Halo 5 "Memories of Reach" Armor and Helmet Reqs Revealed

The Memories of Reach free expansion arrives soon.


Halo 5's Memories of Reach update, the sci-fi shooter's sixth free expansion, is coming later this month. While you have to wait a little while longer to play the new content, GameSpot can today reveal some new, Noble Team-inspired Reqs that are included with the free update, including helmets and armor.

The new Reqs, showcased in the gallery below Halo: Reach-inspired characters Jorge, Emile, and Jun, includes Indomitable, Vigilant, and Intruder. All of these look pretty badass. Click through the gallery to get a closer look, while full descriptions from 343 follow further down the page.

Another thing to note that is you will also see Carter's armor set from Halo: Reach, but that's been available in Halo 5 since release in October. When Memories of Reach comes out, all five members of Noble Team will have their armor represented in Halo 5.

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Memories of Reach will be Halo 5's sixth free expansion following the game's launch in October 2015. The others were The Battle of Shadow and Light (November), Cartographer's Gift (December), Infinity's Armor (January), Hammer Storm (February), and Ghosts of Meridian (April). This monthly streak came to an end with Ghosts of Meridian, as it came out in April, missing March.

In addition to these new Reqs, Memories of Reach adds a new Arena map, Stasis, as well as the fan-favorite zombie-themed Infection gametype, among other things. 343 will reveal more details about the Memories of Reach content during a livestream next week.

As for the Memories of Reach update, it is expected to come out sometime this month, though an exact release date has not been announced. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on Halo 5. For now, you can check out this Halo Waypoint blog post to catch up with all the latest Memories of Reach details.

Memories of Reach New Reqs:

Indomitable (Jorge)

Helmet Description: The INDOMITABLE helmet is a rare sight on the battlefield, and is usually a sign the UNSC has authorized weapons of mass destruction.

Armor Description: Created to save lives and not to take them, the INDOMITABLE is an engineering and explosives ordnance disposal Mjolnir variant. Its combat effectiveness is simply fortuitous.

Wrath (Emile)

Helmet Description: The Spartan branch contract for WRATH helmets was extremely precise and prescriptive regarding the pattern and method of reproduction for the death's head engraving.

Armor Description: Formally an upgrade of existing Mark V EVA suits, the WRATH project was actually cover to develop a new Mjolnir variant specifically tailored to the needs of future Headhunter teams.

Vigilant (Jun)

Helmet Description: The full extent of the VIGILANT's surveillance and stealth capabilities remain highly classified. Observers have speculated the suit includes a new reconnaissance and fire control system for directing orbital artillery strikes.

Armor Description: The VIGILANT was originally a one-off upgrade for an unnamed VIP within Spartan branch. Not intended for production, interest in the suit's feature set among Spartan scout-snipers has led to several being assembled for full evaluation.

Intruder (Kat)

Helmet Description: The INTRUDER helmet features a full-featured Command Network Module and multi-channel drone controller. The drone controller interfaces directly with Unified Ground Command (UNICOM) kill box management and aerospace deconfliction systems.

Armor Description: INTRUDER armor was commissioned by Spartan branch as part of a research initiative seeking to leverage synergistic outcomes between specialized Mjolnir suits.

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