New Halo 5 Advanced Controller Settings Announced, More "Infection" Screens Released

Microsoft continues to update and improve Halo 5.


In its end-of-the-week blog post today, Halo 5: Guardians developer 343 Industries announced that the Xbox One shooter is getting even more advanced controller settings, while it also shared more images of the game's upcoming Infection mode.

343 senior sandbox engineer David Pashute explained that the new controller option will be to allow players to adjust the horizontal and vertical look sensitivities independently. "Pressing 'A' on the look sensitivity setting will cause it to expand and show the two new fields just below: Horizontal and Vertical Look sensitivity," he said.

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As you can see, the two new settings don't match up numerically. This is not a bug, Pashute explains.

"Don’t be alarmed, there is nothing wrong and nothing has changed," he said. "Your current settings will be exactly the same as before the update, it just reflects the under-the-hood adjustments that we made to the ratios for Halo 5 in order to accommodate a number of factors, e.g. a reduction in aim assist and an increase in verticality."

If the vertical and horizontal look sensitivity settings do match up, the look sensitivity will more closely match that of past Halo games.

Additionally: "If you change the new settings to a ratio combination that does not match the defaults we created for launch, then the main look sensitivity setting will be displayed as 'Custom,'" Pashute said.

Another thing to note that is that look sensitivities now support half-steps. Using Pashute's example, if you could not determine if you were a 3 or a 4, now you can choose 3.5. If you experiment with these settings and want to revert back, you can do that by adjusting the main look sensitivity slider.

The new look sensitivity options, which add to the existing advanced options that came out earlier, will be available through Halo 5's Memories of Reach update, which is scheduled to arrive in May.

As for the new Infection images, 343 shared screens of the new map variants called Malignant (Overgrowth), Nerve Center (Plaza), and what appears to be a new one titled R.I.P.TIDE. You can see these maps in the gallery below. 343 added that Infection will include fan-made maps, too.

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Infection, featured in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, is a zombie-themed mode in which one player, as the zombie, tries to "infect" everyone else. It was announced for Halo 5 earlier this month, but a release date has not yet been announced. Other fan-favorite modes that have been added to Halo 5 since launch have included Grifball and Firefight (known as Warzone Firefight this time around).

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