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New Halo 2 maps now on Live

Master Chief has new multiplayer stomping grounds for fragging; two battlefields free, two more for $5.99.


Fresh off the release of a new auto-update for Halo 2, Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios have released part one of the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack. Four maps are now downloadable via Xbox Live. Two are gratis, while two are bundled into the Killtacular Pack, which costs $5.99.

The two free maps, Containment and Warlock, are available to anyone with Xbox Live. Containment is the granddaddy of the new maps, boasting a huge, open, snowy landscape with large bases on two ends of the map. Two switches open entrance gates to the bases, allowing for easy access by the many vehicles scattered around. Warlock is a revamped version of Halo: Combat Evolved's Wizard multiplayer map. This time, it's a bit more cramped, and the stale industrial feel of Wizard has been replaced with an aged castlelike brick interior.

The two maps in the Killtacular Pack are Turf and Sanctuary. If players choose to download these two maps, the credit card on record for their Xbox Live accounts will be charged $5.99. Turf is a medium-sized map on Old Mombasa, featuring narrow streets and plenty of urban combat. Sanctuary is set on Delta Halo, and it's an old Forerunner compound, complete with waterfalls and two rocky bases.

Five more maps will be released on June 28 in stores and over Xbox Live. Those players who do not have an Xbox Live account will have to wait until June 28, when the retail version, with all nine maps and some extras, is released for $19.99.

For more information on the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack, check out GameSpot's previous coverage, which includes a recent preview of the four maps released today. To learn more about Halo 2, head over to the full review of the game.

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