New Half-Life Comic Out Now On Steam

The Half-Life series lives... in comic form.


In spite of not getting a new game in years, the Half-Life franchise continues to show signs of life. Today, the third chapter in the Half-Life comic series, A Place in the West, was released on Steam.

Chapter 3, titled The Pit, is the latest installment in the licensed comic that was officially released in September 2016. But the origins of the comic are much older: it began as an unlicensed fan project with an issue published in 2014. Valve then granted the creators the Half-Life license and let them continue making issues. Check out its new trailer below.

According to its website, "A Place in the West follows three characters who are, each in their own way, drawn to a strange American city called New Franklin. Once inside, they discover a powerful secret, but the city holds many dangers, deceptive temptations, and a society on the brink of madness." The new chapter features more characters and The Pit, a community of aliens that centers around a gladiatorial arena.

Although Valve has given the comic the official Half-Life license, the company does not contribute to its creation--it remains a fan-made project. The comic is only available on Steam, and chapters 2 and 3 cost $2/£1.50 each. The first chapter is free.

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