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Stand-alone spin-off to ArenaNet's PC online game hits stores in late April; Factions adds new missions, continent, character classes.


Fans of Guild Wars looking for a new world to run amok in won't have to wait too long. Guild Wars Factions, the second title from developer ArenaNet, will be released on April 28. The game, published by NCsoft, will be released in two editions: a standard edition and a collector's edition.

Factions, an online PC game, adds to the Guild Wars universe but does not require the original Guild Wars to play. The new title takes place on the continent of Cantha, which was inspired by the real-life continent of Asia, and features a new storyline. Like its predecessor, Factions will let players compete in player-versus-player battles, join forces with other factions in large-scale wars, and work together in some new cooperative challenges.

The game's North American collector's edition features a CD of the game's soundtrack, a double-sided poster, an art book, a desk calendar, a mouse pad, a sticker set, and a special in-game emote for the game's new classes, the assassin and the ritualist.

Guild Wars Factions is rated T for Teen and retails for $49.99 for the standard edition or $69.99 for the collector's edition. There is no monthly subscription for the game. For more details on the original or the Factions, check GameSpot's previous coverage or head over to the game's official Web site.

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