New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Coming From Deus Ex Dev - Report

The unannounced game is reportedly "in the early stages of production."


[UPDATE] Jason Schreier of Kotaku said today on Twitter that he has also heard that Eidos is working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game and that the "future of Deus Ex is murky."

"From what we hear, Square Enix doesn't plan to greenlight another Deus Ex game at Eidos Montreal for quite some time, unless Mankind Divided suddenly becomes more profitable," Kotaku reported. "Mankind Divided was a large investment for the Japanese publisher, taking nearly five years to make."

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The original story is below.

Last week, Square Enix announced that Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal was working on a new Avengers game with Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics. Some wondered what that might mean for the future of Deus Ex. The series is now reportedly "on hiatus," with Eidos working on a new Guardians of the Galaxy title. This is all according to Eurogamer's sources.

The untitled Guardians of the Galaxy game is reportedly "in the early stages of production," according to Eurogamer.

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When Square Enix announced its partnership with Marvel, the companies said it was for multiple games, so Guardians of the Galaxy could be one of the other ones. When the news of the Square Enix-Marvel deal broke last week, Kotaku editor Jason Schreier tweeted that Eidos was working on the Avengers game and "another" title based on a Marvel franchise.

A Guardians of the Galaxy game from Telltale is currently in development and is scheduled to come out this year. A release date hasn't been announced, but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is coming out in May, so a release close to then would seem to make sense.

The new Avengers game from Eidos and Crystal Dynamics is still a long time off, it seems, as Square Enix has said it won't even talk more about it until 2018. That's also the year that the new Avengers film, Infinity War, comes out. Presumably the new, unannounced Guardians of the Galaxy game would come out later.

GameSpot has contacted Square Enix in an attempt to get more details. We'll update this post with anything we hear back.

Would you be interested in another Guardians of the Galaxy title? Let us know in the comments below!

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