New GTA Online title update out now

Latest update for multiplayer mode hits Xbox 360 and PS3; addresses vanishing vehicle bug; game now available via Games on Demand for $60.


Grand Theft Auto V
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Rockstar Games today released a new Grand Theft Auto Online title update on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The patch addresses lingering issues with the multiplayer mode, including instances of player's vehicles or vehicle modifications vanishing due to cloud save failures.

Various other GTA Online fixes are spelled out in the patch notes below. Players who continue to encounter other technical problems are encouraged to visit Rockstar's Support page or message the company via its official Twitter account.

This latest GTA Online update paves the way for the first deposit of $250,000 in GTA$ to be delivered to players. The first installment of in-game cash is expected to be deposited into all player accounts "early next week" after Rockstar can confirm that any remaining game progress issues have been fixed.

Rockstar Games also announced today that GTAV is now available through the Xbox 360's Games on Demand marketplace for $60. The game's file size is approximately 16GB. GTAV is already available through the PlayStation Store as a full-game download.

  • Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss of vehicle mods
  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect car is replaced when choosing to replace a car in a full garage
  • Fixes an exploit allowing players to sell the same vehicle multiple times
  • Fixes an issue that caused personal vehicles to be duplicated
  • Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house
  • Fixes an issue where players were not getting Crew invites in-game
  • Fixes an issue where the starting point for the tutorial race was not appearing
  • Fixes issues with joining Jobs from within a player-owned garage
  • Fixes issues with players getting stuck while using playlists
  • Fixes additional issues causing black screens, long load times, and players getting stuck in the sky cam
  • Adds details in the UI to clarify that characters created while Rockstar cloud is unavailable are temporary (non-saved)
  • Adds changes to the character creator to make better-looking default characters with the "random" option
  • Players now only lose a maximum of 500 GTA$ upon death in Freemode
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