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New GTA 5 PC 4K Images Are Totally Gorgeous

Plus, PC version gets new trailer next week.

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Rockstar Games on Friday published a new batch of Grand Theft Auto V PC images, showing off the world and characters of the open-world game in extremely high 4K resolution. This could be the best-looking Los Santos we've seen to date. You can see all 15 of the new GTA V PC images in the gallery below.

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In other GTA V PC news, Rockstar has announced that a new trailer for the game will be released sometime next week, though the developer didn't say exactly when.

After multiple delays, the GTA V PC release date is April 14 worldwide.

As part of a previously announced promotion, preordering the digital version of the game nets you a $1.5 million in-game cash bonus. This is spread across story mode ($500,000) and GTA Online ($1,000,000).

GTA V for PC will include online Heists right out of the gate. It will also feature a new editing tool called the Rockstar Editor. This will give players a "full suite" of tools that they can use to create and publishing clips to the Rockstar Social Club and YouTube.

For more on the PC edition of GTA V, check out the game's minimum and recommended specifications.

GTA V was originally released in September 2013 for last-generation consoles. The game launched for current-generation machines in November 2014, selling 10 million units on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as of December 31. In all, GTA V has shipped a massive 45 million copies worldwide.

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