New GTA 5 Mode Out Now, See It in Action

"In and Out" arrives in GTA Online.


Grand Theft Auto V received an update today, May 3, introducing a new mode for GTA Online. As announced previously, the Adversary mode is called "In and Out," and it challenges one team of attackers to steal eight packages. Meanwhile, a side of "well-armed" defenders try to stop their advances.

Rockstar has not yet released any official footage of this mode. However, videos for it have started to show up on YouTube, including the one below from The Almighty Gamer. Take a look:

In and Out is just the latest GTA Online mode that Rockstar has added to the game since launch. Before this, the most recent new one was Inch By Inch, which came to the game in April.

Everyone who plays In and Out through the Adversary mode playlist will earn double XP until May 5. This is offered as part of a weeklong event called "In and Out" week; other modes offered double XP before this.

Additionally, GTA Online's Ammu-Nation store is offering a sale on guns, explosives, and more. Below is a rundown of what's on sale.

  • Grenades - 20% off
  • Sticky Bombs - 20% off
  • Assault Rifle Mods - 25% off
  • Combat MG - 25% off
  • SMG Ammo - 50% off

In other news about GTA Online, documents in the Leslie Benzies vs. Take-Two lawsuit revealed that the multiplayer mode has already brought in more than $500 million in revenue from microtransactions.

Single-player DLC for GTA V is still under consideration, but the big numbers for GTA Online may explain why Rockstar might not be rushing to get it out the door anytime soon

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They just won't stop beating that dead horse huh? Speaking of dead horses, go work on a red dead sequel no one cares about gta anymore.

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Lol, does anyone still play this cows tit?

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Yeah I will say the same as said below. We would have preferred the single player DLC (expansion pack size)

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The amount of cash spent on multiplayer is soul numbing. Not that people are spending money on things for an easy way out, not because the company is making money for nothing, but because companies will decide that they should focus on getting profit though cheap microtransactions and not content. It will lead to some companies lowering the bar for quality.

Hence, no single player DLC. To them, it's a no brainer. "Why bother?"

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@iamtfc: So very true !! and you can't blame them for doing it !!

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@iamtfc: I know right? At this rate how long before we don't get single player period and they just release $60 version of GTA:Online. Talk about a depressing.

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Single player DLC or nothing.

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@o311rocks: Sadly with the gross amount of cash they pull in from kiddies and their parents for GTA:O, I highly doubt we'll be seeing any more single player content until the next game comes out.

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@Raidendude153: I know... makes me sad.

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@o311rocks: the potential was so high, just imagining an undead nightmare expansion for gta like they did rdr sets my imagination alight.

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@Raidendude153: I always thought an alien invasion would have been cool.