New GTA 5 Event Celebrates the Lowriders Update This Weekend

Rebates, free hats, and more.


As is often the case after an update, Grand Theft Auto V will be hosting a weekend event following the recent launch of GTA Online's Lowriders update.

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This latest event kicks off on Friday, October 23, and runs through Sunday, October 25. It's a bit more limited compared with past events, but there's still some worthwhile stuff going on.

New hats will be given away each of three days. Logging into GTA Online will immediately put the hat of the day into your wardrobe on Friday (Magnetics), Saturday (Low Santos), and Sunday (Benny's). These hats are all exclusive items that you'll only be able to get this weekend.

Along with new content and customization options, the Lowriders update adds the ability to purchase a fourth property. Doing so won't be quite so costly this weekend, as you'll be able to take advantage of a 25 percent rebate on a single property purchase (restricted to those with 10-car garages). This, unfortunately, is slightly more complicated offer than a straight-up discount.

In order to qualify, you need to have a verified email registered with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be signed up for Rockstar's mailing list, and be a member of a crew on Social Club. Provided you tick all of those boxes, you'll be able to make a purchase through the in-game Dynasty 8 website and then receive a refund by Wednesday, October 28.

There's also a screenshot-taking contest (details on Rockstar's website) and an event playlist that makes it easy to play the three new Adversary modes added in the Lowriders update.

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This update, like September's Freemode Events one, is only available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Xbox 360 and PS3 are unlikely to receive any big new updates going forward, so Rockstar is doing something different for players on those platforms this weekend. In-game cash and RP rewards will be doubled for races, and event crate drops will show up more frequently. Players can also get a 25 percent rebate on one vehicle purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry.

For more on everything added in the Lowriders update, check out our previous coverage.

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