New Ground Control Details

Sierra sends us images of its upcoming vehicular-based tactical-combat game.


Sierra recently gave us a dozen screenshots of its upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, Ground Control. At first glance, the game begs comparison to games like Battlezone II. However, such a comparison would not be entirely accurate.

Ground Control features the cliched struggle between two warring factions: the Crayven Corporation and the Order of the New Dawn. After Earth has been ruined by a third World War, humans have colonized alien worlds. The Order and Crayven Corp. are the two leading sides vying to control humanity's burgeoning colonization of the stars.

The gameplay is geared toward tactical combat, and it offers the ability to command a variety of near-future units such as tanks, hover bikes, planes, and infantry. Unlike action-strategy real-time games, you don't actually assume the role of one leading unit; in Ground Control, you control squads of units. Like the Myth games, you don't build units, but you command what you are given at the start of a mission.

The graphics are detailed and crisp, and they look very good at this stage in development. The game will feature a fully moveable 3D camera and will also offer the standard multiplayer features, such as Internet and team play.

The game is being developed by first-time Swedish developer Massive Entertainment. As we discover more information about the game, we'll bring you updates and a full preview. In the meantime, view these exclusive screenshots.

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