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Reinforcements for Ubisoft's 360 shooter to hit Live by June's end; Chapter 2 has four new maps, two new modes, five new weapons.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has been a success on Xbox Live, regularly logging the second-most hours (behind Call of Duty 2) of all Xbox 360 games over Xbox Live. Of course, even intense firefights can get a little old without lovely, new battlefields to blast away in. Fans of the game take note: It's almost time to feel the joy of war again.

Ubisoft today revealed the new details on its first content update for the Xbox 360 version of GRAW, which hits Xbox Live "at the end of June." The update will bring several new additions to the game, including four new maps, five new weapons, and new character-customization options. Ubisoft has not yet revealed pricing for the downloadable pack.

The cooperative campaign continues in Nicaragua with four new missions. Gamers and their online buddies will take out an arms dealer and his illegal operations in a coffee plantation in a daytime raid, and then stop weapon smugglers at a shipping port in the evening. From there, the Ghosts will head into the jungle at the break of dawn where they will secure a warehouse at a river depot. Finally, the squad will try to stop a rebel leader in mines deep in the heart of the Nicaraguan jungle. It is unclear whether new achievements will be awarded for completing these missions.

Ubisoft is also reissuing the four new maps included in the new co-op campaign at different times of day. In addition, four of the original maps from GRAW have also been redone under new light. They break down as follows:

War--it's good to play together.
War--it's good to play together.

• Fishing Village (Dusk)
• Wharf (Late day)
• Old Town (Morning)
• Nowhere (Evening)
• Coffee Plantation (Evening)
• Shipping Port (Sunset)
• River Depot (Day)
• Jungle Mines (Evening)

A team battle game mode has been added, with two new game types: team blind siege and team battle. Details on the new game mode aren't available at this time. Character customization has also been kicked up a notch in the new download. Gamers now have Canadian CADPAT and British DPM camouflage patterns to choose from, as well as four new soldier faces with camo paint to designate as their avatar.

While different face paints are nice and can scare some enemies, real intimidation comes with the heat one is packin'. Five new weapons will be included: the sniping SR-25 SD, the M468 carbine, the M468/M320 grenade-launcher mod, the AK-47 LMG, and the SCAR-H SV.

Ubisoft plans on releasing more information on the downloadable content soon. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is rated T for Teen and retails for $59.99. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's review.

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