New Grand Theft Auto V trailers April 30

[UPDATE] Rockstar Games will release new trailers for protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin tomorrow at 11 a.m. EDT.


[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Rockstar Games confirmed it will release new Grand Theft Auto V trailers tomorrow, April 30, at 11 a.m. EDT.

The original story follows below

Rockstar Games will introduce gamers to Grand Theft Auto V protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin next week through a trio of trailers, the developer suggested today in an update to its website.

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No further information was divulged.

GTAV is the first entry in the open-world series to feature multiple playable protagonists for its main storyline. Players can switch between them at "nearly any time." Sometimes the three will work together, with players able to swap back and forth in a similar way to the Lego series of games.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin each have a distinct personality, skill set, and posse of friends. When players are controlling one of the characters, the other two will leave and do something else on their own.

To date, Rockstar has released two GTAV trailers. The first was released on November 2, 2011 and provided the first look inside the gameworld, believed to be larger than Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and GTA IV combined.

The second trailer launched November 14, 2012 and focused on protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. It highlighted the stories of the three characters, as well as new areas of the game's fictional setting of Los Santos.

Earlier this week, Rockstar teased GTAV in a religious cult video showing off the fictional Kifflom religion and Epsilon Program viral marketing campaign.

GTAV launches September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Wii U and PC versions are "up for consideration."

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Avatar image for punz_

Hopefully nobody in the game likes bowling.

Avatar image for TreFacTor

9:45-Palms sweating, pulse racing....I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack. Can't wait to see the new trailers and even more so I can't wait to get my hands on GTA V! I might just cocoon myself until August.

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I can't wait to run over higher poly-count hookers.

Avatar image for TreFacTor

@Flexanite You can do that in GTA need to wait.

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Can't wait for Grand Theft Taxi V!!!

Avatar image for TreFacTor

@buffaloblitz85 You can do that in GTA need to wait.

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Will be looking forward to this

Avatar image for stealth6spy

Rockstar has quite possibly the greatest marketing team of all studios.

Other developers release 20-minute gameplay trailers and people will appreciate them and move on. Rockstar announces that they will release a single screenshot or short trailer and it makes huge news across all sites.

They feed people just enough information to get them interested, yet not enough to satisfy their curiosity which leaves them coming back for more.

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Watchdog's is just overhyped, just wait and see ..... GTAV is the real deal!!

Avatar image for bouff

@cboye18 who are you telling to wait and see? we all know GTAV will do better than Watchdogs. But I'm sure many that want both will buy both (like I will)!!!

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Avatar image for Alucard1475


They're already working on the PC, PS4 and Infinity versions. PS3 and 360 is getting the final polish.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

While a PC version and mods would be cool, I sorta hope it remains console-exclusive because I love watching elitist PC gamers backpedal when a game isn't ported for them; they suddenly start acting like the game is bad and they never wanted it anyway.

Or, alternatively, they'll get their port, and then whine "waaaaa, the console version shouldn't exist at all, this would be so much better if it had been built from the ground up as a PC game"

If it does come to PC I'll probably get it on Steam once it's cheap but until then I'll be perfectly happy with the 360 version.

Avatar image for Prats1993

GTA5>Watch Dogs, AC4, Last Of Us, Stains Row 4.

Avatar image for mindfreak4563

@Prats1993 watched the trailer of watchdogs. not so sure now.

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I kind of wish it was being developed solely for next-gen consoles. Although that would require waiting even longer....but it would be epic!

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Avatar image for LazyyAmerican

Your game is up for consideration once you bring it to PC.....**** blaming pirates for a change. Good games, especially ones with a multiplayer component, get purchased.

Avatar image for vaibhavp

game should've been complete by now.

Avatar image for merrakul

@vaibhavp The game is I think... they want to spend the next few months making trailers, commercials, teaser websites, and other marketing BS to build the up hype. It is the way they have always done it.. its worked so far so they will just keep on doing it.....

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I can't wait for the trailer I'm hardcore major crazy GTA fan right here and in my gut feeling I know GTA 5 will probably take the crown for (2013 game of the year) and I'm not saying this because I'm a hardcore fan. I know Rockstar they never make bad games they're the master of storytelling Ex RDR and game-play I can't find one bad thing about Rockstar they just perfect at what they do in the gaming industry.

Avatar image for xolivierx

@JusXice you are such a loverboy for Rockstar

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**** the trailer, show me some gameplay

Avatar image for TheSkyrimStatue

What time GMT?

Avatar image for eointurner

@TheSkyrimStatue 4pm GMT time

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Welcome to LA. Again.


Avatar image for XxTheEvilxX

Avatar image for leeko_link

Nothing will stop me from buying this game. I am fixing my PS3 at the moment just so to play this last game and I had to say it is starting to work good again.

Avatar image for cuddlyfuzzle

news on when a vg trailer will be released. lol almost facepalmed, but not quite! the big hype machine keeps chugging along , don't it?

Avatar image for urtin3

Just please tell us if there would be PC version of it. I prefer PC version over console

Avatar image for v1c3er

@urtin3 most ppl do

Avatar image for valium88

Give me an update when there is an actual trailer in it.

Avatar image for 001011000101101

Game of the year.

Avatar image for AverageGameJoe

@001011000101101 game of the generation

Avatar image for No_Queuing_4PCs

@Enforcer246 Ill just pirate it on PS3 till my PAID PC version has arrived.

Avatar image for Gamer3344

I also prefer the PC version over a PS3 or X360 but if you're a true GTA fan you would buy a console just for this game to play it months earlier. Obviously majority of people who beg for a PC version are kids whose parents won't buy them a console or either a persistent PC fanboys.

Avatar image for No_Queuing_4PCs

@Gamer3344 I refuse to live under Rockstars dictatorship they can't even keep hackers out of Red Dead Redemption how they gonna handle GTA V ....

Avatar image for Chui_GamingX

HOLY $HIT Watch Dogs Available on PC November 19 !!! Screw u GTA V =)))

Avatar image for Elyobo

@Chui_GamingX Another unsaveable! Shun him brother-uncles!

Avatar image for BlueTurtz

I wouldn't be suprised if they don't release a pc version at all because RDR was never on PC

Avatar image for urtin3

@BlueTurtz L.A Noire wasn't made for PC. But then few months later PC version was released

Avatar image for BlueTurtz

@urtin3 @BlueTurtz LA Noire wasn't developed by Rockstar only published

Avatar image for Elyobo

@BlueTurtz No, there will be a PC version. GTA IV's PC version wasn't released until 2009. Expect it in 2014.

Avatar image for BlueTurtz

@Elyobo @BlueTurtz nothings confirmed yet bud

Avatar image for Chui_GamingX

@BlueTurtz Watch Dogs Available on PC November 19 !!! Screw u GTA V =)))Edit (5 minutes)

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@Enforcer246 A lot of PC players also have a PS3 ... its called being a gamer.

Avatar image for mindfreak4563

yes i will wait for the pc version

Avatar image for RomanCenturion7

@Enforcer246 They will be playing this, couple of months later. With high-end graphics and mods. I on the other hand will torrent this for me idiotbox.

Avatar image for Adavanter

Whoa... if they do make a PC version maybe I'll just wait. There have been some awesome mods for GTA4.

Avatar image for Huskypaw

aw gawd help us all please no