New Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Rockstar Games releases second trailer for much-hyped open-world action title.


The second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has been released. Rockstar Games debuted the new commercial today, one year and twelves days after the game's first trailer was released on November 2, 2011.

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Check out the trailer below and look for GameSpot's breakdown of the second spot live beginning at 8:30 a.m. Pacific | 11:30 a.m Eastern | 4:30 pm London | 3:30am Australia through a special Twitch landing page.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTAV will ship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during spring 2013. The game is set in the fictional Southern California city of Los Santos and is the most ambitious undertaking ever at Rockstar Games. By one analyst's thinking, it could sell as many as 25 million copies.

For more on GTAV, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for Killer6b9

@Venatorcruiser well sadly for me I have to work, so depends on what day it launches! IF at all possible I will be at the midnight launch cause everyone knows that there will be one for this game, if will be a sad day....

Avatar image for iskulaatikko

@Venatorcruiser @FragTycoon I just think you get more personal with the story in gaming, therefore it seems so. What games are you playing? Really i find just a few games a year tops with great story, and every year i see at least 10 movies with a good plot and storyline.

Avatar image for Killer6b9

This is a DAY 1 MUST HAVE!!! I can not wait for this.....they know how to make a game, I am going to go out on a limb and say this is going to outsell Halo and CoD and if it don't I will be surprised....I done pre-ordered about you????

Avatar image for LENGTHIAN

Question for all the GTA4 fans. If it was really THAT good, how can this be better?

Here's how: putting back all the things that made vice city and san andreas so good, and leave out the boring friends, dumb hobbies other nonsense that made GTA4 so boring. More jet packs, tanks and jets and NEW IDEAS please!!

Avatar image for iskulaatikko

@LENGTHIAN The previous generation of GTA games (GTA3, GTA:VC and GTA:SA) were presented more "cartoonish" if you think about it, where i think jetpacks, crazy modifications to cars/clothes/haircuts fit in. GTA4 had a more serious approach, with a touch closer to reality, and i just don't think it's a good idea to fill it with too much crazy nonsense.

Avatar image for LENGTHIAN

@iskulaatikko It's the crazy nonsence and outlandish activites that make ALL games fun. This is why "office worker 2: neverending boredom" hasnt been made.

if they wanna make game more real make buildings you can enter, structures you can destroy and body parts that come flying off when you crash cars into them. not boring idiot mates that call you to take them to do boring activities!!

games are meant to be fun. and when the newest installment of a game is less fun than the last, it shouldnt get 10/10.

you mark my words: there will be NO info at all about features / content in the game. as there wont be any. theyll milk this cash cow by making anythign worth having DLC

Avatar image for xDeadMarchx

@iskulaatikko @LENGTHIAN fun > reality

Avatar image for xevilmickx2

ok this is going to be epic. I was not a huge fan of 4 but I think this will really be a slick ride. looks like it has a bit more of a comedic undertone that 4 didn't have. good. glad to know that 5 has gone back to that. now the only question that remains (not really, but it is the only one I care about right now) is, how will lazlow appear in this game and please oh please make it better than he was in 4...

Avatar image for modernsocks

@xevilmickx2 Well, Laz has neglected his New Year's resolution so that could only be because he's been hard at work on this game. I'm certainly expecting more from him this time.

Avatar image for juboner

u actually feel like ur in a real living worls with there games thats what i love about them and chasing people in cars

Avatar image for J-007

Can't wait! Its gona be rockstar! This game is taking the cake for next year

Avatar image for Dark_Arcitekt

Nice. Can't wait.

Avatar image for absolut_gamerz

this is freakin awesome!!! i can't stop imagine what kind of easter egg R* put in GTAV!!!

Avatar image for KD35RW0JH13

Okay Rockstar, LET'S BOUNCE!!!

Avatar image for onixevil

@KD35RW0JH13 Hide your picture .

Avatar image for fuzzier


Avatar image for CTR360

epic trailer epic game i cant wait for GTA V

Avatar image for SkyChat

I've completed IV twice to 100%, freeroamed up to hundreds of hours in SP and MP. I expect to drop twice as much time on V. Hope Far Cry 3 can hold me over until then.

Avatar image for KaptajnKnap

@SkyChat I know the feeling, only I chose Skyrim :P

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

i hope R* puts out a special pre-order set of GTA5 barbie dolls

cause i would buy them

and proudly display them in my house

Avatar image for FragTycoon

Anyone else think Rockstar is writing better stories than Hollywood?

Avatar image for LandauTST

Looks AWESOME! Never been so excited for the actual story-line. I thought 3 protagonists would've made the story a bit watered down, but it seems like the characters and writing are turning out to be great! Can't wait!

Avatar image for Harrydapro

If Rockstar is trying to hype up their fanbase, they're doing it right.

Avatar image for BravoOneActual

And to think, when the time comes, only sixty little bills will separate you from this...

Avatar image for blamix99

im getting this 12.01am when it comes out

Avatar image for sanechupp

very impressive, actually this game is in the PS2 universe and that's good. It needs

cheat codes for more fun. The world looks huge and I love it.

Avatar image for turnerdoc

man this game and state of decay is all i want next year, those 2 games will keep me busy for years to come.

Avatar image for SpdGs2

looks like shit

Avatar image for blamix99

@SpdGs2 maybe you were lookin in the mirror

Avatar image for SpdGs2


Avatar image for mmor520

Does anyone know the song to the trailer?

Avatar image for samdam3

@mmor520 Steve Wonder - Skeletons

Avatar image for MarbskiE

i can't fookin' wait!

Avatar image for Kane04

I still think that guy is Tommy in a cover ID, sure looks and sounds like him, but R* wouldn't bring him back I think.

Avatar image for blamix99

@Kane04 thats what i think too.. it really kinda looks like him

Avatar image for AndCarlsen

I'm actually excited for this game. I don't think any game from 2012 got me as excited as I am regarding GTA V

Avatar image for SwiftusMaximus

Looks like Franklyn's Dog is one of his "special abilities."


Avatar image for Pete5506

If that was just a demo to what is in store for us, we are in for something truly amazing. Can't wait to see more

Avatar image for Salt_AU

Awesome! The soundtrack and storytelling in GTA games are brilliant. Can't wait.

Avatar image for LENGTHIAN

Rockstar are the kings of marketing. smoke and mirrors diverting from the fact there's little evidence of anythign new apart from better graphics. GTA4 was a cosmic let down to those with a brain. I expect more of the same in 5: pay for more content as DLC, and have nothing to do in a large pretty world.

Avatar image for theend3r

@LENGTHIAN True. Even the money I spent on FFXIII felt less like a waste than GTAIV.

Avatar image for Evilbunz

@LENGTHIAN yup just like red dead was a huge letdown and max payne 3 was all smoke and mirrors.

Avatar image for LENGTHIAN

@Evilbunz smoke and mirrors refers to the marketing. little real evidence of content is given. content is implied. im old and cynical and remember when games were sold on reviews from people who played them at length before they go on sale. all the marketing budget is spent getting people to PREORDER! hence: weaker titles.

Avatar image for Evilbunz

@LENGTHIAN I also remember when people didn't judge a game based on a trailer and waited for it to actually come out before they passed their judgements.

gta4 letdown..... agreed. but i loved max payne 3 and red dead from the very same developer and i will wait before i comment on gta5 being all graphics and very little content.

Avatar image for Leeric420

@Evilbunz @LENGTHIAN

Cant tell if sarcastic or just dumb...Anyways 4 was a let down for me too, I mean who the hell wants to go bowling, play darts, and date in a GTA game. I can do all that in real life.

Avatar image for mhmd1

@Fastnova00007 @Leeric420 @Evilbunz @LENGTHIAN

Red Dead wasn't just a video game; it was a muh fookin EXPERIENCE. And although I loved all GTAs, I didn't even finish 4. It was beautiful but........ I can't quite place it. It was just off. I didn't wanna keep playing. I have BIG hopes for this though. Looks like it's gonna make up for it.

Avatar image for Fastnova00007

@Leeric420 @Evilbunz @LENGTHIAN GTA 4 was a massive let down. Red Dead Redemption however is one of the best games I've ever played.

Avatar image for shadow-crow

wait was that the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil at the end there? fucking hell this looks great!! Subtly is key!


Avatar image for RedChuckz

I watched this trailer over 50 times now, CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! for this game

Avatar image for aldonin

This game is going to bring fans of great games and movies together. Looks absolutely incredible...