New Grand Theft Auto V screens, info

Eight new images for upcoming open-world game show off Los Santos and Blaine County; interactive travelogue updated with info on golf and yoga.


Rockstar Games today released eight new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots and updated the game's interactive travelogue with new information about Los Santos and Blaine County.

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The images show off the game's sprawling environment--from countryside to downtown--during the evening and daytime.

The GTAV interactive travelogue, which Rockstar Games launched last week, now features information regarding "Exclusive Country Clubs," "Local Artisans," and "Serenity and Wellness."

GTAV launches September 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game's online component will debut two weeks later on October 1.

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some pc gamers are retarded and think this isn't on a ps3 are youse stupid have youse seen the trailers it is on a ps3 I don't see what is so hard to believe uncharted 3 a ps3 exclusive game has far far far better graphics then these screenshots pc gamers have this stupid idea planted in there head that consoles are only capable of really shit graphics go play uncharted 3 then it looks amazing youse think the difference in graphics between pc and consoles is way bigger then it actually is most of youse haven't even played a console on a HDTV connected via a HDMI cable many console games have pretty nice looking graphics

Avatar image for kominio

@tom2750 I have ps3 and pc both! If you want to talk about graphics you must play Splinter Cell Blacklist and Crisis 3 in Ultra settings on PC. Until then dont talk about graphics,uncharted looks old now...

Avatar image for toshineon

@tom2750 Uncharted 3 looks decent, but I wouldn't call the graphics amazing.

Avatar image for StephenSays

The real question is have you played on a PC.

EVeryone knows how good current gen looks but how many have experience the frame rate depth and clarity that is the PC.

Also UC3 is not the best looking game on PS3. That game doesn't even run in 1080p.

It's an excellent looking 720p game. (Just like GTAV)

So YES there is a huge Visual difference but to quote you keep settling for your

"Pretty nice looking graphics"

Still GTAV day one purchase for me.

Avatar image for JoeGamer1234

@StephenSays I get real tired of hearing the depth of field, clarity, and frame rate argument. It's complete bullshit, and that's about as good of an argument as PC gamers have. Here's what I don't understand. Why is it such a big ordeal that GTAV had/has no PC release? I mean console gamers don't get PC games, so why should PC gamers get console games? Oh because of some graphical superiority, and modding capabilities? Who cares? I don't. I'd rather play the game on my console that works JUST fine.

Avatar image for fuzzier

@JoeGamer1234 @StephenSays Your.. logic.. is.. legendary...

Avatar image for blackothh

@JoeGamer1234 @StephenSays

I am a PS3 and PC owner.

Im sorry but I dont like looking at garbage quality 720 non AA resolution picture on my big screen TV that current gen games put out. Plus you forgot to mention that the the game library on PC is Vastly bigger. I also prefer mouse and keyboard for anything I play with the exception of top down style arcade and RPG games or side scrolling games. I like the complexity and flexibility of my PC better but the PS3 is brainless simple. Plus I can play my ps3/ps2/ps1 library on my PC with different emulation software along with using the controller.

AT the end of the day, you get what you pay for. I dont even know what the current consoles go for, but im guessing around $300, but a custom build high end gaming pc can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 maybe less if you do a lot of shopping around. so with the extra expense, you get more capability. A bleeding edge gaming pc can be well over $5,000 but thats just a tad crazy for my wallet.

Avatar image for JoeGamer1234

@StephenSays Not to mention I've had the same hardware for... 6 years now with small firmware updates and it's stall capable of pumping out these graphics. Does GTAV have the best graphics on the market? Hell no, but they're good enough in my opinion. Looks better than most games.

Avatar image for ielementixx

@tom2750 WOW, idiot use periods after your sentences.

And what does "youse" mean? Are you JarJar Binks?

Avatar image for Joe51187

Awesome! The Banshee is back! That was hands down my favorite vehicle in Grand Theft Auto III.

Avatar image for Legolose

Cant wait for this game !!!

Avatar image for 75_Andi_75
75_Andi_75 new clips

Avatar image for SabzilaTV

Funny Real Life GTA Road Rage Phone Smash!!

Avatar image for JoeGamer1234

@SabzilaTV Perfect!

Avatar image for buccomatic

8 year old boy murders his grandmother after playing GTAIV

stay classy, rockstar.

Avatar image for Pr0ving4Gr0undz

@buccomatic He is going to F it up for everybody.

Avatar image for modernsocks

@buccomatic Hilarious stuff.

Avatar image for anybodykilla15

@buccomatic so gta is considered practise? then why are we not hearing about all the little kid serial killers from call of duty?

Avatar image for OHGFawx

@buccomatic If you live in a town called Slaughter, what do you expect? But seriously, failing to properly secure her gun is what got her killed. GTA makes shooting look fun, but it doesn't hand a child a loaded weapon.

Avatar image for Legolose

@OHGFawx @buccomatic Or the game there is a big "M" in the bottem corner of the game...

Avatar image for Cryptic_Shadow

It would be gnarly if we could grow our own field of bud... just sayin'.

This game is going to rage so hard.

Avatar image for Thesuperstar2k

Going to be nice game!

Avatar image for kinvomal

GTA V Intro + loading screen certainly not fake ..

Avatar image for SnazzyFever0

cant wait for gta v

Avatar image for mimicus

@Metallicwolf29 The L.A. river. Man-made aqueduct. People do go there, but some of them drown. It's kind of a toilet. Graffiti and hobos.

Avatar image for SirSlimyScrotum

@SteXmaN @Psycho_truth

Avatar image for Nocturnal-Gamer

Come to think of it, yeah there was a lot of missed opportunities. But the environment was still breath taking, especially compared to the dull GTA 4 setting. I couldn't tell one street from the next.

Avatar image for nasser_m200

LooooL I see u in that farm Truth .... :D

Avatar image for Faye_Tallity

@Roccoroll @Toadamus You two have something goin' on, behind closed doors? It's creepy you know that. Keep it private : P

Avatar image for xavip1999

if you order GTA V from the Microsoft Store, you get 1600 Microsoft points ($20) which can be used on Xbox Live for future game purchases or whatever. Great deal

Avatar image for SantosoRulez

so fucking cool.....

Avatar image for CTR360

i cant wait anymore

Avatar image for MrBunson

This game and the NFL are the only things that will get me through the winter. Well, I guess a new tv and PS4 will help ease the pain as well...

Avatar image for Legolose

@MrBunson lol same but I have Madden 25, Rome II and this game for the winter, oh and the nfl between games ;)

Avatar image for Nocturnal-Gamer

@MrBunson Football's going to be great this year, well and GTA too.

Avatar image for Hiddai

Going to be friggin awwesome!!!

Avatar image for AndrewClark1

GTA V, Watch Dogs & BF4, waiting for these.


Payday 2 Glitch

Avatar image for 001011000101101


Yea, I know all caps posts are annoying, but seriously. Details are out there now.

Avatar image for SirSlimyScrotum

@001011000101101 It's most likely not the main audio; it's most likely the theme that plays in the background during missions, as that's what many people have been describing during gameplays.

Avatar image for Evildude683

The website is hilarious!

I pre-ordered my Collector's Edition and can't wait to play the game.

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hey Trevor!........ let's go bowling....

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Avatar image for -Canas-


Avatar image for max-hit

They look visually impressive and very well made. But what's the point if you make me play it in 720p, low fps and low graphics setting. I'll wait for the PC version.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@max-hit enough already , yes we get it you want to destroy the game with mods , theres reason the pc gets these games last if at all. between pirating and devs seeing their baby be toyed with with iron man and dumb tidal wave mods you dont deserve a good game

Avatar image for toshineon

@haze0986 @max-hit Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy there. I agree that PC gamers should stop going on about bringing everything to the PC platform, but mods are not a bad thing. Many developers thinks that the mod community is great, that's why games have mod-kits. So please, know what you're talking about before you make such an accusing and unpleasant post.

Avatar image for gostor_lives

i think im gonna play as trevor the most... lol