New Grand Theft Auto V screens, info

Eight new images for upcoming open-world game show off Los Santos and Blaine County; interactive travelogue updated with info on golf and yoga.


Rockstar Games today released eight new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots and updated the game's interactive travelogue with new information about Los Santos and Blaine County.

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The images show off the game's sprawling environment--from countryside to downtown--during the evening and daytime.

The GTAV interactive travelogue, which Rockstar Games launched last week, now features information regarding "Exclusive Country Clubs," "Local Artisans," and "Serenity and Wellness."

GTAV launches September 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game's online component will debut two weeks later on October 1.

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Avatar image for pycho22solid

Guys.....the soundtrack got leaked. Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" is in this game. If I wasn't sold already....I sure as hell am now.

Avatar image for Nocturnal-Gamer

@pycho22solid Eh, needs more cowbell.

Avatar image for Lebowski__basic

@pycho22solid Lord have mercy.

Avatar image for Evildude683

@pycho22solid I just hope we have the option to turn hip-hop off.

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

@pycho22solid OH MY GOD! You made my fucking day!

Avatar image for GTA5Champ202

It's no surprise how amazing GTA V looks I mean jus look at Far Cry 3 graphics look on current gen. We all been waiting for this for many year's of a GTA like this.

Avatar image for shikori_4

@GTA5Champ202 Graphics could be better imo. Farcry 3 looks a lot better to me.The water and art style look great though.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@shikori_4 yea the biggest map ever created by rockstar needs to be crazy good looking, who cares about how it will run as long as is pretty smfh. by the way the game looks great as is

Avatar image for vassago_

@shikori_4 You can't expect perfection in an open world this large.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@shikori_4 @vassago_ just cause 2 is nothing but mountains and unpopulated forests!!!

Avatar image for val1990

@shikori_4 @vassago_ Just Cause 2 an empty game with nothing to do but destroy objects. Of course it will look better all they did was just make it look nice and nothing else it was a boring game. Not a great comparison.

Avatar image for shikori_4

@vassago_ @shikori_4 Actually I can, Just cause 2 is probably 2 to 3 times as large, and graphically they both look the same. Not to mention that game was released 3 years ago. I wasn't asking for perfection, I was asking for something that looks like the end of a generation. If I praised this for technical graphics I would be lying to myself.

Avatar image for Toadamus

I'm going to become really really fat ,and i still can't believe how amazing this game looks on current gen

Avatar image for mikeyline

For some reason I really wanna steal that red tractor and get in an epic chase with the police :)

Avatar image for Faye_Tallity

@mikeyline EPIC car chase with police using a slow tractor trailer, FTW!

Avatar image for CROAT_56

@armyown there is no exclusive content just a exclusive ps3 painted up that is bundled with the game.

Avatar image for mkeezay22

this will be the game that takes over my life for the next year.

Looking great RockStar.

Avatar image for nait2k4

If you're depressed waiting for GTAV to come out, I have a solution:

1) Buy Gone Home

2) Play

3) 1.5 hours later, go back to waiting for GTAV

Avatar image for Random_Matt

@nait2k4 Just play SA.

Avatar image for Random_Matt

Might be on PC next year, just sold my PS3. Lets all hope.

Avatar image for ansabalirai

@Random_Matt too

Avatar image for pcostix

PLEASE ROCKSTAR, just stop it.... no more... no more...

This is just not right... giving me this new screens over and over again, and each one is better than the other!

I'm a PC gamer and I'll have to wait a year to play this game.


Avatar image for turnerdoc

there will be no game greater than this. be cool if there is fishing, reel in a shark, man i can't wait. sept 17 feels like 2yrs away.

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

@AggrandizedUser I think there is a cream for that made from the ground dust of an ancient magical sword. Thankfully it's an ice-spell based cream...

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

What I want to know is if this time there will be some sort of climbing or grappling onto vehicles. Some way to grab onto a buddies heli or plane at the last minute in multi freeroam, or drop from a flying craft to grab a train or boat. I have always wanted to perfect jumping off a cliff and leaving the vehicle in mid-air to grab onto a heli landing skid in the ultimate action escape!

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@CruiserCaptain thats just cause

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

@haze0986 @CruiserCaptain No, I don't mean to suggest a "grapple hook". I just mean some way to sort of "hitch a ride" with in the limitations of the more 'realistic' GTA world. Precarious and dangerous, not action-star spider-man style.

Avatar image for mikemaj82

@ABakedAlien @moistsandwich @Navardo95 @gamebuyer22 And Rockstar confirmed it in multiple articles.

Avatar image for 88Metallica

I want more info and screen about the sharks! :D

Avatar image for CruiserCaptain

@88Metallica I really curious about the marine details and true area available for marine exploration. The idea of sharks in open water adds a lot tension to water escapes and accidents.

Avatar image for DrizztDark

Calm yourself there buddy and Metallica sucks

Avatar image for signaldis_basic

@DrizztDark So thier first 4 albums suck?!?! that's news to me

Avatar image for DrizztDark

Was a joke damn.... My bad

Avatar image for Lost-to-Apathy


And you should stop being a fucking asshole for no reason at all.

Avatar image for DrizztDark


Avatar image for billlabowski

Pre-ordered yesterday, will throw it away when it comes to PC.

Avatar image for frylock1987


why buy it for PS3 then if your gonna get it a year later dummy? buying the same game twice? Im sure you bitch about paying for DLC.

Avatar image for ABakedAlien

@moistsandwich @Navardo95 @gamebuyer22

In the online trailer you can see the button prompts for the ps3 controller

Avatar image for tyrone20006

Already pre-ordered and paid with the ps4 too lol

Avatar image for enoughofthis

going to skip out on this cause i already gave my console and games away, probably just watch some youtube or wikia the story

Avatar image for Faye_Tallity

@@enoughofthis We will have a moment of silence for you now...*lights a candle*

Avatar image for rpaulino1

@enoughofthis damnnnnnn i'd be tight!!!!, you could get a system for like $50-$100 now, so all hope isn't lost friend..

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

Okay R*, we've seen the screens, seen the gameplay, heard and seen info. on single and multiplayer now how about starting to release some news and info. on the game's soundtrack and radio stations please!!

Avatar image for Riddick123

@moistsandwich Well if Gearbox and Sega aren't involved (Colonial Marines comes to mind) the screens should at least be comparable.

Avatar image for Bazongaman502

Finally, a game were PS3 and 360 fans aren't being hostile against each other and will both enjoy.

Avatar image for jrcast84

@Bazongaman502 Oh yeah well GTA V is going to have better, graphics and more content on my PS3 than your XB360 hahahahah.

I got nothing.

Avatar image for Bazongaman502

@jrcast84 @Bazongaman502 lol

Avatar image for anybodykilla15

@plaintomato @Bazongaman502 @jrcast84 lady gaga album ads, **** xbox

Avatar image for plaintomato

@Bazongaman502 @jrcast84 That monster oversized apocalypse-soon moon will suffer from pop-in on 360 you know.