New Gotham-Related Web Domain Registrations Hint At Next Batman Games

Warner Bros. may be behind three new domain registrations that look like Suicide Squad and Batman-related games.


A number of new domain registrations have sparked speculation after they were shared on the Resetera forums, as picked up by Video Games Chronicle. They include,, and, all of which have been registered in June by MarkMonitor Inc. While the link to Warner Bros hasn't yet been confirmed, MarkMonitor Inc. is the same domain broker used to register

WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, has been teasing a new Batman game for months now with the slogan "Capture The Knight". This has led fans to assume that the Gotham Knights domain registration is tied to--and has revealed the name of--WB Games Montreal's new game.

There have been rumors of a Suicide Squad game going back to when the movie was first released, with a Kotaku report claiming that WB Montreal was working on one that ended up being cancelled. To date, aside from a few tie-ins with existing Batman games, the only Suicide Squad game released was Suicide Squad: Special Ops, a first-person-shooter released on mobile platforms.

Many have pegged Suicide Squad as the next game being developed by UK-based Rocksteady, the original developers behind the Arkham series. The studio was reportedly set to reveal its new game at this year's E3, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With these new domains popping up, it's possible that multiple new games are due to be announced very soon.

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