New Gordon Freeman Figure Releases Same Month As Half-Life: Alyx

Preorders open November 22 at 12PM CT.


Half-Life: Alyx isn't the only big new Half-Life release shown off this week. A new figure of Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman, based on his appearance in Half-Life 2, has been announced by Mondo. The figure, which is made to 1/6 scale, comes with various items from the Half-Life series, including a pheropod, the Gravity Gun, and the iconic crowbar. The figure will feature over 25 points of articulation, seven switch-out hands, removable eyeglasses, a stand, and various weapons to pose him with. The Gravity Gun will even be able to light up.

The figure will be available to preorder from November 22 at 12PM CT. It costs $200, and expects to ship worldwide in March 2020, the same month that Half-Life: Alyx is due to release. The figure is 12.5 inches high, and weighs approximately 3lbs. It's made from PVC, ABS, and fabric, and was designed by Bigshot Toyworks, Mara Anchete, and Joe Allard. You can check it out in the gallery below.

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Half-Life: Alyx is Valve's new VR game set before the events of Half-Life 2. Here's everything we know about it so far. You can get it for free with a Valve Index VR, but it will also work with other PC VR headsets.

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So now we know that Gordon Freeman is 6'3". (12.5" figure at 1/6 scale)

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$200?! Damn.

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