New God of War Set After Third Game, Won't Be Open World

Additionally, God of War's gameplay has been rebuilt from the ground up.


The new, revamped God of War surprised us at Sony's E3 press conference with its new camera perspective, quieter moments, and an older Kratos. In a post-conference interview with YouTube Live at E3, Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog revealed several details about the upcoming game, including where it takes place in Kratos's life.

Barlog confirmed that God of War is set many years after God of War III and you'll play as Kratos the entire game. The big change with this next God of War is the gameplay, which has been redone completely.

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"The main thing we're doing is we're reimagining the gameplay, kind of tearing it down, rebuilding it from scratch, and continuing the storyline," Barlog said. "We're carrying the mythology we've created with God of War and bringing it into Norse mythology."

When asked about the openness of God of War's world, Barlog said, "It's open, but it's not an open world." He also commented on the switch to a behind-the-back camera perspective from the fixed angles of previous games in the series--you can see the new perspective in the gameplay demo at the top of the article.

"We wanted a much more intimate experience, a much more up close, and a much more player-controlled experience, so the camera really is a mechanic that we're leaning into heavily for everything in the game," Barlog explained. "I think you can expect the same pick-up-and-play accessibility that we've had in all previous games, but the new perspective gives you an entirely new take on the game."

Barlog also touched on quick-time events, which he said won't be like how they were in previous God of War games. He didn't provide further details, but he did say the team wants to "get up close to the action."

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