New God of War in Development at Sony Santa Monica

Next God of War might be a reboot, but it won't be a prequel.

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A new game in the God of War series is in development at Sony Santa Monica, the studio's Creative Director Cory Barlog let slip today at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas.

Barlog confirmed that the game was in development in response to a question from a fan during the God of War retrospective panel. According to a tweet from Santa Monica Studio's official account, he probably wasn't supposed to.

According to a report from IGN, Barlog said the game was definitely not going to be a prequel, but it might be a reboot for the series. Barlog also said the game is very early in development, and that he hoped to share more in the next year or two.

God of War III director Stig Asmussen left Sony Santa Monica back in march. He did not work on God of War: Ascension, the last game in the series released in 2013, and was reportedly leading development on a new IP that Sony canceled as part of a round of layoffs.

Santa Monica Studios announced several games at the PlayStation Experience today. You can read about them here and catch up with the trailers here.

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Y'know, you guys could always just go to another God of War. It doesn't have to be strictly Greece. That's the beauty of not having a character-named title.

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Whole lot of know-nothing casuals spouting off a bunch of nonsense in here (alternate mythologies, new lead, etc.). Frankly, even if Barlog is the same as he used to be, executives keep out of the way and B Team gets their act together, I have doubts about the future of the franchise. Especially if there is much of any truth to this "reboot" business.

NOTE: I'm sure I had a comment on here back when this article came out. Also, it's in poor taste to allow thumbs up, but no option to dislike a comment. Rather limp-wristed.

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This sequel needs to die and a new IP invented, last one was completely crap IMO

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yea I never even bothered to play past archimedes screw in Ascension. They were on the right track - it played much more like the Ready at Dawn games than the SSM games (which is good because the PSP titles were a lot better) but it felt soulless and generic.

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Excellent a new God of War game. This was a given for PlayStation 4. Hopefully it will rock.

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Who reboots a game?

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God of War wasn't mythology in the first place so I'm not sure what all the fuss, oh right sony ponies, nevermind,

God OW was nothing but bad mythological fanfiction that any 6 year old kid who's actually read mythology could easily outdo. Six games was bad enough. I enjoyed them for what they were, but really, dont make a new one.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You have children? The state should have been immediately notified. Everyone, Operation Impotent Curmudgeon has been compromised!!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I completely disagree with you. It was a fresh take on mythology and the combat is amazing. GOW games are great and I am pretty sure few six year olds have heard of Eos and Helios.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>It wasn't a fresh take, on anything.

They took every mythological character possible and crammed them into a 5 pound bag, having Kratos childishly screw, murder, kill, subjugate, and r@pe them all. This is known as fanfiction. Take established characters, throw your own character in, and treat all of those characters like extras with no merit; as nothing but stepping stones to elevate your character. It's bad writing.

The combat was decent. Decent. Not amazing. You have a fun array of moves and magic, but the combat becomes very boring after playing only 2 of the games because it does not change. Only your magic changes.

To make that all worse, they used the exact same tired-ass plot device for literally 4 of the games. Kratos loses his power. Someone snaps a finger, Kratos loses his power. You know how you're the mofo god of war? Yea well Zeus said screw you, lose your power, now go get other power. What? You got it back and came to kill Zeus? Lose your power again.

God of War is a failure of game design just as guilty for leaving bad marks on the industry as any generic third person shooter, first person shooter, or platformer. It was cool for 3 games, out of 6, and really only 1 of them because Origins should not count.

Meanwhile, truly brilliant games like Dante's Inferno or Darksiders got utterly shat upon by Sony fanboys and labelled as God of War clones when God of War didn't invent the genre and there were already better games out at the time.

PS Fine let me specify. Non-retarded 6 year olds who are encouraged to read and learn sh*t, rather than watch TV and play video games.

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So very glad it's not another f***ing prequel, but a reboot? They can't ask us to kill the Olympians again, but they need to keep it distinctly Greek, so Kratos has to stay.

Happy to hear the series isn't dead though.

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Reboots are always such fails, look at the recent titles, its no longer about quality as it were once, its more now of cash then quality.

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No prequel? Yes, thanks for that.

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One of my all time favorites.

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Norse or Egyptian mythology this time would be awesome.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I vote both. :o)

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I wouldn't mind a reboot at all as long as its a different mythology. Just do straight sequels no prequels, side games cause the franchise has had enough of those already.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Now that AAA gaming seems to be dying down on portable PlayStations, I'm hoping there'll be less need to diverge the plot.

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I don't think God of War needs a reboot. Not unless Sony Santa Monica doesn't know what to do with Kratos after the happenings of God of War III. A reboot would be lame. Just do a new IP if they aren't going to continue the storyline.

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I want to see a God of War set during Armageddon. Kratos could be resurrected as the world's only hope to stop the apocalypse by battling through Angels, the Four Horsemen, and finally The Second Coming itself, ultimately saving humanity from extinction. Kind of a GoW meets Darksiders thing.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> see that is an ace idea but there would HAVE to be controversy. I mean Jebus is supposed to be our saviour, not a nutjob like Kratos so somewhere along the line Jesus/God would have to be killed. I like it but can you imagine the American response!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Doesn't one interpretation of the Four Horseman tale cast the hairy, bearded one as Conquest, the leader of the Horsemen? Something along the lines of while the world is coming to an end, he returns to save the souls of the just.

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I'm American and I would love to see kratos tear Jesus apart.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Kratos fights Jesus, then crucifies him in over-the-top gory QTE action. Then Kratos goes to Israel and massacres legions of Israelites, and drinks their souls, and sits atop a throne made of Israeli bones. Then Kratos enters the world trade center and clears it out floor by floor, throwing people from the windows. Then Kratos goes to the whitehouse, he forces the rolled-up bill of rights down Obama's throat while pissing all over the oval office. He then beds the interns on top of the president's desk. Then on, Kratos goes down to Russia, and he parties for 2-3 weeks with Putin. Putin shows Kratos how to wrestle and saddle a bear and therein is the end boss and rolling credits. We all cheer, some slow clap, some outright flip their coaches over and howl at the glorious conclusion to a game that turned out exactly the way we wanted, a game we all wanted to play

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I misspelled couches. Oh No! my credibility!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not a fan of the Israel or World Trade Centre ideas, but the rest is gold!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Too bad, it's in the game. Kratos will wring 20,000 Israeli bodies for their tears: these will serve as points for upgrades. He will then proceed to destroy the whole of Israel in much the same violent fashion we might expect. There will be all types of weaponry aimed against Kratos and he will only march forward with his flame-glowing blades chopping Israeli bodies into ribbons and collecting their tears, occasionally by just stepping on their heads until they deflate, expelling all of their liquids.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> HELL YES...might start WW3 though haha

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Better not be a reboot, just continue the story

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so much milk...

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I said it below and will say it again. God of War still has legs, a reboot could work but why not move in a different direction?

A God of War based in Norse mythology would be has all that is needed: strange myths, loads of gods, monsters galore, war heroes, epic tales etc etc do it already!

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No. Just be done with the series already. Who's the guy/gal in a business suit that told Santa Monica it would be a good idea to make another? Kratos is dead. Let the games be done. A reboot? Why? We already got the GoW set for the PS3. We don't need another remake just for the PS4. Just a waste of talent and money.

Make a new IP that PS fans can really sink their teeth into while playing.

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I like God of War the only thing I hated about it are those god-awful quick time events! Those things really made me mad and I'll give you all an example: When Kratos was trying to impale the Hydra on the ship mast I pressed circle with my thumb as quickly as I could but to no avail. I broke at least 2 controllers trying to get those stupid QTE things down and had switch tatatics just to finish the stupid boss off. If they reboot the series good but for god's sakes get rid of those annoying QTES!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The QTEs were fun IMO.

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Kratos is dead, its over!

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Zues has Parents



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Hes killed everyone. Just let the series rest... -_-

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You know there are different pantheons, right? The game could be a reboot in a different mythology.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Correct me if I am wrong but Did Zues Have Parents ? There are more GODS he hasn't killed look at this:


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I am a big fan of the series and here my tought: Stop milking this title plz and make a new gamee whit an other mythology like the egyptian or viking

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They should go with a reboot. That would be more interesting.

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After Ascension, I'll take a wait and see approach on this one.

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I'm all in to going with a 'Goddess of War' title. New story, protagonist, and just as pissed as Kratos. Imagine seeing a female warrior ripping a guys head off???

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>not a prequel

There was potential there (Troy, Gigantomachy, Captain Kratos, etc.), but too many screw-ups have occurred with each attempt at that.


No thanks. I'd be especially displeased if the nonsense others have asked for in the past (Norse, Egyptian, etc. for change of flavor) was given any heed. Plenty more material to work with (hardly matters that the general population knows little more than what was already covered early on). Ladon, Stheno, (actual) Cerberus, Nyx, (facing) Typhon, Echidna, etc. Hell, even grounds to revisit some things not properly handled (Phoenix, Scylla, Charbydis, Kraken, Hydra, etc.) if only in the sense that too many liberties were taken or the foe was wasted. Not like GoW:A didn't do exactly that (but poorly as with during the OC from GoS that is Erinys into the Furies).


Lovely fellow, though I do wonder what he can manage after the royal **** up that was GoW:A (the MP bastardization of the system poisoned the well aside from other very poor choices *thanks executive mandate for franchise exploitation before PS3 was abandoned*). Especially without his boys (combat devs from GoW1/GoWII). Odds are stacked against him at this point. He doesn't appear to have changed too much (promising), but one man can only do so much. I do hope he can turn things around. I'd also like to think he'll have an active blog (again) rather than my having to contend with that Twitter trash again (but that seems rather unlikely) as with Papy (who shied away from serious discussion for being a know-nothing with respects to gameplay).

>year or so for more details

I can wait. The moment it becomes clear more is on the way is the point I have to return from hiatus to finish business with GoW:A (something I'm not looking forward to).

NOTE: Divorce the MP component away. Make it stand on its own ("Champions of the Gods" or something). The leech has no place with the franchise proper. It was a huge resource and priority hog that dictated too many things not suiting the SP (which is GoW).