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New Ghost In The Shell Anime In Production

Far from Hollywood.


Whether Hollywood's take on Ghost in the Shell left you pining for the anime versions or simply wanting more of the story, you'll soon get your wish.

Production I.G. and Kodansha have announced they are working on a new Ghost in the Shell animation project. Kenji Kamiyama, who directed the Ghost in the Shell anime series Stand Alone Complex, is on board to co-direct with Shinji Aramaki (known for numerous anime titles including Appleseed Alpha).

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There are no other details at this time about this new production, but if Kamiyama's previous work on Stand Alone Complex is any indication you can expect high-quality animation, lots of action, and of course a plot revolving around the political and social issues that make Ghost in the Shell such a compelling story.

The anime TV series, along with the original manga and the 1995 feature film Ghost in the Shell, are all reflected in Hollywood's recent take on the Japanese series. Our reviewer (and anime guru) Kallie Plagge said its pacing and stylized take on the story's sci-fi setting were well done, but the film faces big casting issues and didn't accomplish its main intention.

"The movie not only doesn't answer or even truly explore the questions it raises, it also mishandles a story about identity by largely excluding the people it's about. That's a critical failure, and one that cannot be rectified by cool-looking geisha robots," she said.

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