New Gears 5 Xbox One X Limited Edition Announced Alongside Lots Of Other Hardware

Gear up your Gears.


Gears 5 is just a month away, and Microsoft has marked the occasion with a Brumak-sized suite of new hardware. Those include new Limited Edition consoles, console bundles with the game, controllers, keyboard-mouse combos, and external hard drives.

The centerpiece of the set is the Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle. It features a translucent casing and laser-etched cracks across the console case, and a golden Locust symbol along the opposite side. The bundle includes the Xbox One X console, a Limited Edition Kait Diaz wireless controller, and full game downloads of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and the standard versions of Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War 4. It also throws in a month of Xbox Game Pass and Gold, and in-game Ice Kait and Ice Jack skins. It costs $500 (£450 / approx. AU$737).

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You can also get a standard edition Xbox One X Gears 5 bundle for $500, or the Xbox One S Gears 5 bundle for $300. Each of the bundles is now available for preorder. If you already own the console but you want that Kait Diaz controller, it's available separately for $75 (approx. £62 / AU$110)--although you can currently find it even cheaper at Best Buy for only $65.

Other hardware coming to mark the Gears launch includes a Limited Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand ($50 / approx. £62 / AU$74) launching on August 27, a branded Razer Thresher wireless headset coming in September, wireless Razer keyboard and mouse ($300 / approx. £246 / AU$442) coming in September, and a Seagate 2 TB harddrive that includes a Lancer weapon skin, extra in-game Supply drops, and a one-month Game Pass Ultimate membership. GameStop US also offers an exclusive 5 TB version.

The Coalition recently put Gears 5 through its multiplayer paces with a PvP tech test. Another test, centered on Horde Mode, is set to follow sometime this month. Those tests are open to anyone who pre-ordered, or to Game Pass subscribers. For more, check out the developers' answers to our burning questions.

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