New GBC Releases

Game Boy Color titles from Crave, Midway, and Hasbro storm stores.


Several new Game Boy Color games have shown up in stores, and if you've been waiting for some major titles before dropping your dough, these latest titles may persuade you.

From Crave Entertainment, Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle is out and sells for about US$30. You show up as Pitfall Harry Jr. in a Game Boy-sized world composed of six 56-color levels. If you liked the original Pitfall, think portable with more diversity in level design.

Crave has also launched Men in Black: The Series. This title is based on the animated TV series and has players running around saving the planet and all as Agent J, or the Will Smith character.

Aliens appear out of inanimate objects, such as bicycles, as you run through city streets, rooftops, and La Guardia airport. Characters from the animated series including the Skraaldians and Buzzard are included. The weapons are somewhat limited - just your standard gun and the noisy cricket you find later in the levels.

GEX: Enter the Gecko is another of Crave's GBC releases. Based on the similarly titled PlayStation and N64 games, the game has players racing through what appears to be a McLuhan-esque nightmare (or fantasy, depending on which way you see it). It's a land known as Media Dimension, and it's loaded with TVs and enemies.

As GEX, you'll have more than 26 levels to work your way through.

Midway is showing GBC wares as well. Mortal Kombat 4 comes with GBC-specific codes, in-game taunts and challenges, and eight starting characters (and others you open up as you go along).

Midway is also shipping Rampage World Tour, based on the original titles that came out last year for the PlayStation and N64. RWT touts more than 100 levels and lots of 2D destruction to boot.

NFL Blitz has found its way to the GBC, too. And Midway says it has "all the fast-paced, hard-hitting football fun you expect from the arcade hit, only smaller." Thirty NFL teams are available for seven-on-seven games with 18 offensive plays and nine defensive in all.

Hasbro's in the GBC race, too. Centipede has found its way to the GBC system in an obvious port of a 2D arcade-game-cum-PlayStation title.

Of course, you can still play these games if you only have a Game Boy Pocket, Super Game Boy, or just the original Game Boy, as they're all backwards compatible.

On the announcement front, GT Interactive has chalked up its first GBC title, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, scheduled for later this year. Want to know more about what's coming out? Check out our previous stories.

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