New Gameplay From Switch, PS4, PC RPG Lost Sphear Shows Off A Boss And More

Get your first look at a challenging boss from the classic-inspired RPG.


Square Enix has been gradually pulling back the curtain on Lost Sphear, the next title from I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory. GameSpot recently got to see more of the upcoming RPG at a press event at New York Comic-Con, including a newly revealed boss.

Like I Am Setsuna before it, Lost Sphear is a retro-style RPG inspired by classic titles like Chrono Trigger. It features a modified version of the Active-Time Battle system, allowing players to maneuver their party members around the battlefield when it's their turn to attack. On top of that, players will get to outfit their party with Vulcosuits, mechanized suits of armor that enhance a character's strength and bestow them with new abilities.

The demo we checked out took us through a mission that occurs roughly four hours into the adventure, according to the Square Enix representatives at the event. We explored a dungeon located in an arid canyon, which culminated in a surprisingly challenging battle against a war maiden known as Sherra. You can watch 25 minutes of gameplay footage from the demo at the top of this story.

Lost Sphear releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 23, 2018. Square Enix is selling a limited quantity of physical copies for Switch and PS4 from its online store, which retail for $50. Those who pre-order the game digitally from the PlayStation Store, meanwhile, will receive a special PS4 theme immediately and two additional music tracks after the game launches.

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