New Game Offers A Satirical Take On Brexit

Don't step out of line, or else.


Indie studio PanicBarn has announced its next game is Not Tonight. The political satire pokes at an alternate Britain in which a collapse in Brexit talks has resulted in far-right extremists taking control of the government.

Persons of "European Heritage" have been exiled and those remaining have designated roles and close supervision to be permitted to stay in the country. As one of these persons assigned as a bouncer, you have to scrape by on odd jobs and decide whether to keep your head down or join a resistance. You can put your pay slips toward upgrading your apartment, clothing, and equipment, all to be prepared for navigating this world safely. All this may sound dire, but the devs promise a touch of dark humor to pair with its political bite.

Not Tonight will be launching on Steam sometime "soon," and then later this year on consoles. This will be the second game from No More Robots, which published the downhill mountain biking game Descenders. You can sign up for the Not Tonight beta at the Not Tonight Discord.

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