New Free Uncharted 4 DLC To Be Revealed This Week

New weapons, cosmetic items, and more are on the way.


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Naughty Dog will share the first details about Uncharted 4's next batch of multiplayer DLC this coming Wednesday, March 15.

Noting that the DLC update is "nearly here," the developer today announced a livestream for Wednesday. During the 11 AM PT/2 PM ET/6 PM GMT broadcast on Twitch, it will "showcase all of the new content, including new weapons, vanity items, and more."

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No further specifics were shared about what to expect in terms of content. It doesn't sound as if there will be anything as substantial in this update as the previously released co-op mode.

That more updates are still on the way is no surprise, as Naughty Dog outlined a full year of free post-launch support in a DLC roadmap prior to Uncharted 4's release. We're nearing the end of what it announced at the time, and it's unclear what we'll see--if anything--after the release of the Spring update.

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finally a new multiplayer update,was so sick of survival mode getting updates.New wardrobe update for Nathan hopefully.I wish they'd add all multiplayers outfits to single player most of Nathan's outfits are so dull.

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Regardless of Naughty Dog's intent on future content, I cannot help but respect and appreciate the support and free updates as frequently as they have shown for UC4. The multiplayer mode is a joy to play in my opinion as well!! Great job once again Naughty Dog!!

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Great news.

Naughty dog does a great job of supporting their titles and keeping the fans coming back for more. Definitely a developer that is not only respected by fans and gamers alike but also by their peers.


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The last update broke my game. Can't turn the game on anymore unless I'm disconnected from the internet. Don't care about the singleplayer, so this is a big problem. Hopefully this update will fix it.

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@Barighm: I feel your pain.

The big update around the time they released the coop DLC did the same for my game. Just had a bunch of "faces" on the screen then it would suddenly freeze. Had to wait a few days before they released another patch for the patch, lol.

Thankfully all worked out but I remember for those few days not knowing what to think.

Surprised you still can't play it though. Would have thought it would have been dealt with completely by now.


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@videogameninja: My friend just got the latest update for the game and he got it for the first time and it worked fine.