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New Fortnite Update Will Add Item That Could Change The Game In A Big Way

The new Port-a-Fort item that builds a huge fort in seconds for you is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow.


The next big update for Epic's battle royale game Fortnite is coming tomorrow, April 11, the studio has announced. This is the update that will add the recently announced "Port-a-Fort" item that could shake things up significantly.

Building is a key component of Fortnite, but it's not so easy to do well--especially when the bullets start flying. The Port-a-Fort item aims to address this. Deploying the item builds a huge fort in seconds that you can use to protect yourself from oncoming fire. You can see how the Port-a-Fort works in action through the video embedded below.

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The Port-a-Fort item isn't in the game yet, so we don't know how it will change things. But people are commenting that it's yet another step towards assisting newcomers instead of catering to more veteran players. The idea is that if you can erect a massive fort in seconds by simply deploying an item, that lessens how much skill is needed to win. People said similar things about the recently added vending machines that let players buy weapons.

We don't know the rarity level of the Port-a-Fort item or exactly how it works, so it's too soon to know for sure how it will impact the overall Fortnite experience.

GameSpot's Fortnite: Battle Royale review went live just recently. Critic Michael Higham enjoyed the multiplayer title and awarded it an 8/10. "While there are several moving parts in the game's ecosystem, Fortnite's biggest accomplishment is in how it seamlessly merges a number of simple mechanics to create a distinguishable battle royale game," he wrote. "What looks to be a straightforward building system steadily escalates to an elaborate display of tactical prowess. As the saying goes: It's easy to learn, hard to master.

"Although a few shortcomings in the map design eventually surface and fatigue in looting can set in, Fortnite rarely fails at challenging you in unexpected ways, resulting in something more than just another typical last-person-standing shooter."

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