New Fortnite Update Coming Soon, Here's When

It's almost time.


The next Fortnite update is right around the corner. Developer Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's v6.30 update is slated to arrive on Tuesday, November 20. It'll be available at 8 AM ET, which is 5 AM PT and 1 PM in the UK. In Australia, that works out to 11 PM.

"Something Wild this way comes...," Epic wrote on Twitter in its announcement of the update and the timing. It's not exactly clear what that's meant to tease, but we'll know soon.

The in-game news menu (see below) in Fortnite shows that a new item, Dynamite, is coming to Fortnite soon. "Light the fuse and wait for the boom," reads its official description. It could be that this new update introduces Dynamite, and we'll know for sure very soon.

In other Fortnite news, Scrubs actor Donald Faison recently responded to Fortnite using his "Poison" dance in the game, saying, "They jacked that sh**."

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